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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

CW 1892/1893 (S1) Game 3: Victoria vs South Australia - Second Innings

Victoria (11/14) vs South Australia (10/12)
Melbourne Cricket Ground -

31 Dec, 2 -4 January 1892-93

Second Innings

Heavy showers delayed action on day three until after tea, so South Australia had to wait before finishing off Victoria, and SA managed to reach 12-0 after their five overs. G Giffen was again the first casualty, falling for just 8, trapped L.B.W. by H Trumble. JC Reedman managed a poor 14, also L.B.W., thanks to RW McLeod to put SA on 39-2.

After JJ Lyons (37) was caught and bowled by H Trumble, A Jarvis would again be the man to beat as he 46 before J Carlton took his stumps, and it was 126-4. Sadly for South Australia, a similer story to the first innings was to unfold.

AH Jarvis (21, L.B.W. Carlton's second of the over) and EJ Hiscock (6, st. McLeod) couldn't last and SA went from 108-3 at Lunch on day four to 180 all out. With a lead of only seven runs, JH Tardiff (3), GT Parkin (0), and J Noel (0) would follow Hiscock back to the pavilion without adding any runs, leaving H Blinman (24) and E Jones (17*) to put on a final wicket stand of 43 to end on 180- all out; a lead of 30 runs.

Best Batsmen: A Jarvis 46; JJ Lyons 37
Best Bowling: H Trumble 4-55; RW McLeod 3-47; J Carlton 2-14


E Jones tried his best, but bowling out GHS Trott (8) and JE Barrett (4) wouldn't be nearly enough to stop Victoria getting their 31 runs to win by eight wickets.

Best Batting: J Worrall 10*; PM Lewis 8*
Best Bowling: E Jones 2-17

CW 1892/1893 (S1) Game 3: Victoria vs South Australia - First Innings

Victoria (11/14) vs South Australia (10/12)
Melbourne Cricket Ground -

31 Dec, 2 -4 January 1892-93

First Innings

No rest for the wicked as Victoria are straight back into the action in a battle of the unbeaten sides. South Australia won the toss and chose to bat on a good pitch.

The SA first innings is a tale of two halves. In the first half, openers JJ Lyons and G Giffen put up decent scores of 38 and 41 to get things rolling. RW McLeod bowled Giffen; FJ Laver trapped Lyons L.B.W, and SA were 80-2.

The decent, but not great, scores continued through to just after tea with JC Reedman (33) stopped by a spectacular catch at Gully off H Trumble. The Jarvis boys, A and AH, turned it up a little by scoring 55 and 46 runs, but it was at this time disaster struck.

South Australia were sitting on 245-4, 53 runs after losing A Jarvis to a catch off McLeod, and looking ok, when the bowling woke up. GHS Trott bowled out EJ Hiscock for 24, and then FJ Laver and the bowling attack would allow one more run for the remaining wickets.

Laver bowled JH Tardiff and GT Parkin for ducks, finishing off AH Jarvis in between. J Noel would be run out, and Laver would get a five-wicket haul by getting H Blinman caught at mid-wicket, both for ducks. South Australia plummeted from 245-4 to 246 all-out with nine overs still to play in the first day!

Best Batsmen: A Jarvis 55; AH Jarvis 46
Best Bowling: FJ Laver 5-39; RW McLeod 2-73


Victoria come out to end the day hoping that this supposed batting wicket didn't turn on them as well. They ended the day throwing their weight around at 54-1; JE Barrett falling for a single run early on, L.B.W. by G Giffen. The second wicket came at the start of day two when GHS Trott was sunk for his overnight score of 26, bowled by Giffen.

J Worrall was dispatched soon after for 27 to give Giffen his third wicket, and Victoria were getting a little worried at 55-3. PM Lewis' 65 steadied the ship in his first match of the season, helping to take the score to 181-4 after W Bruce (20) went down at the hands of A Jarvis. After Lewis walked off thanks to GT Parkin, H Graham went to work compiling a grand score of 122 before Jarvis got him bowled. Victoria were looking much better now at 327-6.

The last big hurrah in the lineuup came from H Trumble (65, b A Jarvis), as RW McLeod (1, c thirdman b A Jarvis) and JH Stuckey (13, b E Jones) were dealt with methodically. The final wicket was worth a partnership of 44 as FJ Laver reached a well-fought for 37 before being dispatched by Jones to end the innings on 396 all-out; a lead of 150. J Carlton finished 17 not-out.

Best Batsmen: H Graham 121; PM Lewis 65; H Trumble 65
Best Bowling: A Jarvis 4-68; G Giffen 3-106

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Game 2: Victoria vs New South Wales - Second Innings

Victoria (11/14) vs New South Wales (10/13)
Melbourne Cricket Ground -

24, 26-30 December 1892

Second Innings

The opening pairing of SP Jones and AC Bannerman again failed to look confident as Jones was gone for just 8 (giving him a total of 11 runs in the match), caught off H Trumble, while Bannerman walked for 38; L.B.W. off GHS Trott.

There wasn't a repeat a repeat performance of SE Gregory's century in the second innings as J Phillips bowled him out for 5. The lone bright spark up till this point had been H Moses, but he was done L.B.W. for Phillips' second wicket of the match. FA Iredale walked out to the crease, and then straight back to the pavilion as he become another victim of the Leg Before Wicket call for a duck. Trott claiming his fifth wicket of the match saw New South Wales on 105-5, still 25 runs behind Victoria.

However, NSW would show grit and determination as another 77 runs were up on the board before J Phillips had GJ Youill caught at third man for 38. H Donnan made up for his poor showing on the first day as he racked up 65 here; going to the bowling of Trott for his third this innings, sixth of the match. 216-7

A Cunningham and ST Callaway would be thorns in the side of the Victoria attack as they would partner up for 72 runs. Cunningham earned his half-century score of 55 before Phillips collected his fouth of the innings; and it was left to J Carlton to take out M Pierce (6) and ST Callaway (37) to leave I Wales unbeaten on 8. New South Wales had scored 316- all out to give them a lead of just 186.

Best Batsmen: H Donnan 65; A Cunningham 55; H Moses 52
Best Bowlers: J Phillips 4-52; GHS Trott 3-48


With one session to go in the fifth day, Victoria came out swinging with W Bruce and JE Barrett both reaching 31 before NSW saw a bit of light. Bruce was run out, and Barrett had to leave the game with an injury with Victoria on 62-2.

GHS Trott was one-hundred runs shy of his first inings total, falling for 7 off an L.B.W from FA Iredale, and J Worrall was gone for 26, again L.B.W, but this time it was Cunningham who took the wicket. Victoria remained in good shape though at 108-4; 79 runs short from the winning total with six wickets remaining.

There would be one last hurrah from the NSW bowling attack in the sixth day when M Pierce got H Graham at mid-off for 30, and RW McLeod bowled for 1 to put Victoria 38 runs short of their winning total with four wickets left. J Phillips and RS Houston would keep their focus though and ended on 45* and 15* to give Victoria the win by four wickets.

Best Batsmen: J Phillips 45*; W Bruce 31; JE Barrett 31
Best Bowling: M Pierce 2-74; FA Iredale 1-18

CW 1892/1893 (S1) Game 2: Victoria vs New South Wales - First Innings

Victoria (11/14) vs New South Wales (10/13)
Melbourne Cricket Ground -

24, 26-30 December 1892

First Innings

On a pitch that was expected to last the match, the favourites for the inaugural season, Victoria, put New South Wales in to bat first. It proved to be a good decision early on as both openers, SP Jones (3) and AC Bannerman (2) were sitting back in the pavilion after just three overs. RW McLeod getting both men through catches, and NSW found themeselves in an early hole at 5-2.

H Moses and SE Gregory would put up a partnership of 85 to steady the ship. The wicket of Moses would fall to GHS Trott for 44 runs after lunch; New South Wales 90-3. H Donnan would rack up 15 runs before he was stumped off Trott's bowling, but Gregory would end up scoring 118 runs to help improve the team score to 263-5 at day's end.

FA Iredale and GJ Youill put up solid tallies of 61 and 82 respectively, before losing out to W Bruce (caught mid-wicket) and GHS Trott (bowled). A Cunningham walked for a mere 12 in between thanks to J Carlton, and NSW stood on 373-8. They would amass another 12 runs for the final two wickets with M Pierce (4) and ST Callaway (36) being the final men to fall.

New South Wales 385- all out

Best Batsmen: SE Gregory 118; GJ Youill 82; FA Iredale 61
Best Bowlers: GHS Trott 3-55; RW McLeod 3-106; H Trumble 2-86


Victoria were predictably harder to break down when they walked to the crease midway through the second day, and lost their first wicket, JE Barrett for 30 caught off M Pierce, to be at 66-1. 19 runs later, and the second opener, W Bruce, would fall just shy of his half-century (48) as he was bowled by FA Iredale.

J Worrall was a quick victim of A Cunningham for a duck, and Victoria's good start could have perhaps unraveled at the seams if not for the centuries of GHS Trott and H Graham. Both men would put up a staggering 202-run partnership before M Pierce took his second wicket of the day, and Trott was gone for 107. Graham would hold on in there for a longer time and was eventually removed by a catch off Cunningham for 141. Victoria were on 364-5

RW McLeod (11) and J Phillips (52) would the score upto 395-7. This was followed by RS Houston out for 10. Pierce picked up two of the wickets off catches, while Cunningham clean-bowled McLeod.

An unbeaten 73 from J Carlton would help his side reach 515- all out. R Mitchell's well-earned 34 (c cover, b Donnan), and the 2 runs of H Trumble (b Donnan) rounded out the scoring to give the home side a lead of 130 runs.

Best Batsmen: H Graham 141; GHS Trott 107; J Carlton 71*
Best Bowlers: M Pierce 4-129; A Cunningham 3-90; H Donnan 2-35

Monday, 27 July 2009

More on the Sheffield Shield

For creating the teams, I used statistics from this CricketArchive page, and using this website I can compare my games with the real things.

South Australia did get the win, albeit in a different manner, and some milestones were reached as well. I feel it may be a bit too much for me to keep track of it all, but I may investigate on some players at the end of their careers to see how CW has matched up. For now, here are some milestones for the first match.

JJ Lyons passed 3000 runs in First-Class Matches when he reached 67 IRL, and he more than met this moment in my match with scores of 34 + 131.
JC Reedman passed his previous highest First-Class Matches score of 63 IRL; he reached 85 in the second innings.

The bowling didn't go quite along the same path, but that is part of Cricket World in that the game doesn't know names, only team ratings.

In the next match between Victoria and New South Wales, AC Bannerman needs 18 more runs to reach 6500 for his First-Class career.

CW 1892/1893 (S1) Game 1: South Australia vs New South Wales - Second Innings

South Australia (10/12) vs New South Wales (10/13)m
Adelaide Oval -

16th-22nd December 1892

Second Innings

New South Wales returned to the crease with a lead of 84 and momentum on their side after an obliterating attack on South Australia. Again, SP Jones and AC Bannerman opened for NWS, but once more hit some early trouble as Jones (18) and H Moses (0) fell to the bowling of E Jones, putting NWS on 31-2.

New South Wales would rally, going into the fourth day 165-3 after A Jarvis got AC Bannerman to edge one to the keeper, but this would only let SE Gregory and H Donnango to work. Early in the morning session, Donnan would fall for 44 thanks to the bowling of GT Parkin, who also took FA Iredale for a duck, but Gregory would keep on going with the score at 176-5.

ST Callaway would walk off for 15 as Parkin took his third for 209-6, but SE Gregory went on to reach his century, eventually falling at slip off JJ Lyons. NSW were on 225-7; a lead of 309 runs.

GJ Youill would remain in for the rest of the innings, compiling 75 runs in the process. His partners would falter, however, and AL Newell (6) fell at the bowling of G Giffen only matching his first innings score. Youill would not give in when M Pierce couldn't match his well-earned half-century from the first innings, going for 9, bowled by A Jarvis, as I Wales stood tall with Youill for a final wicket partnership of 70. Wales was the final man to drop when Giffen put him away for 22, and NSW finished 336- all out; a lead of 420 runs.

Best Batsmen: SE Gregory 102; GJ Youill 75*
Best Bowlers: GT Parkin 3-26; E Jones 2-84


With a target of 421 to win the game, South Australia had to find a way of coping better with the New South Wales attack, and they started brightly, reaching 56 before losing their first wicket. AH Jarvis was gone for 25, L.B.W. off M Pierce, and when A Wilkinson went the same way off SP Jones for 20, things were threatening to come apart for SA, standing as they were on 97-2 shortly after lunch on day five.

JJ Lyons had other ideas as he stood resolute, even when G Giffen was bowled by FA Iredale for 28. Lyons wouldn't fall to ST Callaway's bowling until he had reached 131, and put South Australia 140 runs off their target with six wickets remaining.

And that, as they say, is pretty much that, as the electric play of both JC Reedman's 85 (c gully, b Callaway), and A Hill's 82-unbeaten, was enough to put them well towards their goal into the sixth day, with another 43-unbeaten from A Jarvis.

Best Batting: JJ Lyons 131; JC Reedman 85; A Hill 82*
Best Bowling: ST Callway 2-114; FA Iredale 1-34

South Australia won by five wickets

CW 1892/1893 (S1) Game 1: South Australia vs New South Wales - First Innings

South Australia (10/12) vs New South Wales (10/13)
Adelaide Oval -

16th-22nd December 1892

First Innings

On an overcast day, the captains stepped out onto the pitch to inspect the wicket prior to the coin-toss. New South Wales won the toss and elected to bat on a Normal Wicket that was always likely to favour the batsmen.

(Weather and Pitch conditions are determined through the roll of two dice at the start of each day, and can change somewhat during the match as well.)

SP Jones and AC Bannerman were the openers and, with an eye on those clouds, it was time for the first over. But it was the perfect over for E Jones as he caught Bannerman L.B.W. for a duck, and NSW start out 0-1.

H Moses was his replacement, but was walking back to the pavilion for just 13 as E Jones claimed his second vicitim; caught at mid-wicket. 23-2.

SE Gregory also had a short stay at the crease, falling for 8 off A Jarvis; caught at mid-on. 39-3. SP Jones continued to limp along, and was even threatening to open up a decent partnership with H Donnan, but G Giffen had other ideas as he gets his man caught by the wicket keeper for 24, and NSW were looking down the barrel, going into lunch at 87-4.

But a partnership of 125 runs from Donnan and FA Iredale took them through the afternoon session on 184-4. Straight after tea, however, both men fell to JJ Lyons with H Donnan (78) caught from behind and FA Iredale (56) going L.B.W. to put New South Wales on 184-6.

It looked like it would be a formality for the South Australian bowlers as they stepped up their attack.

(An optional rule sees you add one red (bowling) card to the discard pile for every three they already have. This can stop the tail from wagging. In other words, the lesser batsmen found at the bottom of the order have less chance of sticking around. The numbers next to the team names in the title signify how many bowling (red) and batting (black) cards are used in the deck of playing cards. So in this match, both sides would add four red cards to the pile after the sixth wickets fall)

GJ Youill (10) was bowled by Jones for his third wicket of the innings, before AL Newell (6) fell; caught from behind off Giffin to put NSW on 216-8. ST Callaway was gone for 22 as Giffen had him caught at silly mid-off for 22, and it was 228-9 and so nearly time for South Australia's batsmen to get to work. But a defiant effort from M Pierce and I Wales carried over into the second day, where a thunderstorm washed out the whole of the morning session, and saw them put another 75 runs on the board for the final wicket, with Pierce ending on an unbeaten 51.

With this last stand, New South Wales can feel better as they end at 303- all out.

Best Batters: H Donnan 78; FA Iredale 56; M Pierce 51*
Best Bowlers: E Jones 3-44; G Giffen 3-96; JJ Lyons 2-14; A Jarvis 2-36


It was mid-afternoon when the South Australian batsmen walked out to the crease as they set out to turn the screws on their opponents in their first innings. Openers JJ Lyons and AH Jarvis put up 25-0 at Tea, and were 130-2 at the end of day two when Lyons (34) was caught-behind off ST Callaway, and Jarvis (52) was clean-bowled by M Pierce.

The sun would stay out during the third day, and the SA bats were also hot in the early going as A Wilkinson and G Giffen moved the side upto 190-2 at lunch, but a tremendous disaster awaited South Australia immediately after the break.

First up, M Pierce took G Giffen (37) caught at short-leg; and A Wilkinson (59), L.B.W. The total collapse would continue with SP Jones getting A Hill for a lone run, and this was followed by Pierce bowling out A Jarvis (0), and ST Callaway taking the wicket of JC Reedman (2), as New South Wales fall from 190-2 to 193-7.

South Australia wouldn't let up and only allowed a further 26 runs as the wicket of H Blinman (c mid-wicket, b ST Callaway) for 3 was next to go, and M Pierce would finish on a flourish for his fifth and sixth wickets. First, W Delaney was caught mid-off for a duck, and wasn't far behind, caught mid-off for 4. GT Parkin would end on 17 unbeaten.

SA ended on 219- all out, after looking strong on 190-2.

Best Batters: A Wilkinson 59; AH Jarvis 52
Best Bowlers: M Pierce 6-72; ST Callaway 3-53

Hello, and welcome

Instead of cluttering up "The Thread", and boring the rest of the posters there, I thought I would put a lot of my Cricket World session reports on Blogger.

Cricket World is a dice & card game, available from Owzat Games, which allows you to replay any season or series out there using team-based batting and bowling ratings. To start out with I will be replaying the Sheffield Shield, starting at it's birth in 1892-93. Information on this competitions real life history can be found here.

There are just three teams at this point in time: New South Wales; South Australia; Victoria. The sides play each other twice, and the winner is determined by games won. After the first year, tie-breaks come into play. There were no time limits, and the follow-on rules were for 120 runs or more, so I will be trying to keep within the rules of the time as well as I know them.

I will be adding little tidbits about the rules of Cricket World, and how things work, but mostly they will be straight-up session reports.