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Thursday, 13 August 2009

CW 1894/95 (S3) Stats

Top five total runs:

RH Dyer (SA) 351
TW Garrett (NSW) 313
AE Trott (VIC) 288
A Jarvis (SA) 251
GHS Trott (VIC) 244

Top five total runs of all time:

A Jarvis (SA) 797
H Graham (VIC) 763
G Giffen (SA) 750
GHS Trott (VIC) 724
JJ Lyons (SA) 632

Top five high scores:

AE Trott (VIC) 126
LD Moore (NSW) 107*
RH Dyer (SA) 104
GHS Trott (VIC) 85
JJ Lyons (SA) / H Trumble (VIC) 83

Top five high scores of all time:

H Graham (VIC) 141
A Hill (SA) 137
EJ Hiscock (SA) 132
JJ Lyons (SA) 131
JC Reedman (SA) 130

Top five wicket takers

E Jones (SA) 30
CE McLeod (VIC) 18
G Giffen (SA) 17
RW McLeod (VIC) 17
AE Trott (VIC) 15

Top five wicket takers of all time

E Jones (SA) 64
G Giffen (SA) 48
RW McLeod (VIC) 46
CTB Turner (NSW) 44
A Jarvis (SA) 42

Top five bowling innings

E Jones (SA) 7-42
RW McLeod (VIC) 6-51
GHS Trott (VIC) 6-84
H Donnan (NSW) 5-53
TR McKibben (NSW) 5-43

Top five bowling innings of all time

E Jones (SA) 7-42
J Carlton (VIC) 6-32
RW McLeod (VIC) 6-49
M Pierce (NSW) 6-72
GHS Trott (VIC) 6-84

CW 1894/95 (S3) End of Season Post

Final Standings

South Australia 3 - 1
Victoria 2 - 2
New South Wales 1 - 3

Real life Standings

Victoria 3 - 1
South Australia 2 - 2
New South Wales 1 - 3

Poor old NSW; bottom again! This is the first year that Cricket World has brought about standings that do not match real life, but if it was always the same then it would get quite predictible!

Stats time coming up!

CW 1894/1895 (S3) Game 6: New South Wales vs South Australia

New South Wales 9/14 vs South Australia 10/13

Sydney Cricket Ground

22nd-27th Feburary 1895

New South Wales - FA Iredale, ACK MacKenzie, H Moses, SE Gregory, H Donnan, LD Moore, TW Garrett, ST Callaway, TR Mckibben, JJ Kelly, WP Howell

South Australia - T Bennett, RH Dyer, JJ Lyons, G Giffen, J Darling, JC Reedman, A Jarvis, C Hill, WF Giffen, J Noel, E Jones

The season would be decided one way or another in this match. If NSW win then we have a three way tie, otherwise South Australia will win their second Shield.

Despite a legendary performance from E Jones, NSW would put up a decent score in the first innings

NSW 253

H Donnan 51; JJ Kelly 43; LD Moore 40
E Jones 7-42

South Australia would look commanding in their first innings with a couple of early run-getters

NSW 253
SA 313

RH Dyer 104; JJ Lyons 83
H Donnan 5-53

Second Innings

In his only match of the year, LD Moore led the way to give his side every chance of the win

NSW 253 + 292
SA 313

LD Moore 107*; TW Garrett 63
E Jones 5-68

As the pitch turned, many felt SA would be up against it and with only four wickets left and 27 runs to win, it was on a knife edge, but South Australia would pull through and win the Sheffield Shield again!

NSW 253 + 292
SA 313 + 233

T Bennett 75; RH Dyer 49
H Donnan 4-48

South Australia win by four wickets

CW 1894/1895 (S3) Game 5: Victoria vs South Australia

Victoria 9/14 vs South Australia 10/13

Melbourne Cricket Ground

15th-19th February 1895

Victoria - J Worrall, W Bruce, GHS Trott, FJ Laver, AE Trott, PM Lewis, CE McLeod, J Harry, EA Barrett, H Trumble, RW McLeod

South Australia - JJ Lyons, JC Reedman, G Giffen, J Darling, AH Jarvis, RH Dyer, C Hill, WF Giffen, A Jarvis, A Green, E Jones

An even pitch turned to the bowlers side as they days turned, but there were still plenty of runs.

VIC 329

AE Trott 126; J Worrall 55
A JArvis 3-62; G Giffen 3-87

A solid reply from South Australia, but it wasn't as good as they would have hoped, with only the middle of the order putting up good scores.

VIC 329
SA 281

Second Inning

Victoria turned the screws to give South Australia a target of 345 to win on the degrading pitch.

VIC 329 + 296
SA 281

W Bruce 64; GHS Trott 62
JJ Lyons 3-56; E Jones 3-74

It would be the middle order that failed this time around as South Australia fell over 100 runs shy of winning.

VIC 329 + 296
SA 281 + 240

G Giffen 82; A Jarvis 77
CE McLeod 4-69; H Trumble 3-46

Victoria win by 105 runs

CW 1894/1895 (S3) Game 4: New South Wales vs Victoria

New South Wales 9/14 vs Victoria 9/14

Sydney Cricket Ground

25th-27th January 1895


New South Wales - TW Garrett, FA Iredale, H Moses, H Donnan, SE Gregory, MA Noble, ST Callaway, CTB Turner, JJ Kelly, TR Mckibben, WP Howell

Victoria - GHS Trott, JH Stuckey, J Worrall, H Graham, AE Trott, FJ Laver, CE McLeod, J Harry, JM Blackham, RW McLeod, H Trumble

In another match that would see the bowlers on top, Victoria started decently by gathering 253 runs before the tail collapsed.

VIC 253

H Graham 59; JH Stuckey 49
ST Callaway 3-31; CTB Turner 3-65

The reply was muted NSW suffered more inconsistencies in their lineup.

VIC 253
NSW 202

TW Garrett 47; H Donnan 43
RW McLEod 3-44; GHS Trott 2-31

Second Inning

With a lead of 51. disaster for Victoria as they again fell apart after the sixth wicket fell

VIC 253 + 119
NSW 202

H Graham 42
TR Mckibben 5-43; CTB Turner 4-33

With 171 runs to win, New South Wales found their confidence, and their first win of the year.

VIC 253 + 119
NSW 202 + 171

TW Garrett 71
CE McLeod 3-54

New South Wales wins by five wickets

CW 1894/1895 (S3) Game 3: South Australia vs New South Wales

South Australia 10/13 vs New South Wales 9/14

Adelaide Oval

5th-8th January 1895

South Australia - WF Giffen, C Hill, JJ Lyons, G Giffen, J Darling, JC Reedman, RH Dyer, A Jarvis, AH Jarvis, H Blinman, E Jones

New South Wales - FA Iredale, TW Garrett, H Moses, H Donnan, SE Gregory, VT Ttrumper, ST Callaway, CTB Turner, WP Howell, JJ Kelly, AL Newell

With some early help for the batsmen, NSW put themselves in to bat first, and may have been a little dissapointed they couldn't reach 300.

NSW 270

WP Howell 70
JJ Lyons 4-47; E Jones 4-59

SA would show them how it's done by taking a lead of 83 with everyone bar AH Jarvis (6) scoring double-digits.

NSW 270
SA 353

G Giffen 77; WF Giffen 66
ST Callaway 4-92; WP Howell 3-90

Second Inning

The misery would continue for New South Wales as they collapsed for their second loss of the year.

NSW 270 + 165
SA 353

H Donnan 55*
A Jrvis 4-50; JC Reedman 3-6

New South Wales had a glimmer of hope at 26-3, but it was to no avail.

NSW 270 + 165
SA 353 + 83

JJ Lyons 28; J Darling 27*
WP Howell 3-30

South Australia win by six wickets

Halfway through the season, South Australia have two wins, Victoria a win and a loss, while New South Wales lost both their games.

CW 1894/1895 (S3) Game 2: Victoria vs New South Wales

Victoria 9/14 vs New South Wales 9/14

Melbourne Cricket Ground

22nd-25th December 1894

Victoria - GHS Trott, W Bruce, FJ Laver, H Graham, J Worrall, J Harry, H Trumble, RW McLeod, PM Lewis, CM McLeod, AE Trott. (Alsop and Mitchell play no further part in the season)

New South Wales - H Donnan, CTB Turner, SE Gregory, FA Iredale, WJ Campkin, ST Callaway, TW Garrett, JJ Kelly, HJK MacPherson, WP Howell, AL Newell

First Inning

Another bowling pitch for this one, but not one that would degrade further. Victoria had flashes of brilliance amid five ducks.

VIC 249

GHS Trott 85; J Worrall 52
AL Newell 4-40

Only two players failed to score for NSW, but no-one could reach 50 to keep them behind

VIC 249
NSW 229

CTB Turner 47; JJ Kelly 44
CE McLeod 4-38; AE Trott 4-71

Second Inning

Victoria had to rely on H Trumble to give them a fighting chance of winning this match.

VIC 249 + 215
NSW 229

H Trumble 83
CTB Turner 4-53; AL Newell 3-42

New South Wales did find runs but just fell short of the 236 run target as Trumble took his good form to the bowling side of his game

VIC 249 + 215
NSW 229 +202

TW Garrett 76*; SE Gregory 55
H Trumble 4-31; AE Trott 4-45

Victoria win by 33 runs

CW 1894/1895 (S3) Game 1: South Australia vs Victoria

South Australia 10/13 vs Victoria 9/14

Adelaide Oval -

30th November - 2nd December 1894

South Australia - JJ Lyons, JC Reedman, J Darling, RH Dyer, WF Giffen, G Giffen, H Blinman, A Jarvis, C Hill, J McKenzie, E Jones

Victoria - H Graham, GHS Trott, FJ Laver, J Worrall, J Harry, RW McLeod, CE McLeod, CJ Alsop, AE Trott, R Mitchell, JM Blackham

First Innings

The wicket would be friendly to the bowlers throughout, but South Australia started strongly thanks to the eight man.

SA 241

A Jarvis 80*; J Darling 49
RW McLeod 6-51; GHS Trott 3-39

In reply Victoria managed to keep pace with the home side thanks to some individual performances in between low scores.

SA 241
VIC 236

AE Trott 61*; GHS Trott 43; J Worrall 42
E Jones 5-29

Second Innings

The pitch really started to make a difference during the second inning, and South Australia left Victoria a target of 189 to win the match.

SA 241 + 183
VIC 236

RH Dyer 36; WF Giffen 35
RW McLeod 4-50; J Worrall 2-8

Victoria would reach 22 runs before all HEll broke loose as they lost five wickets without adding to the score. After that it ws a steep, uphill fight that they couldn't win.

SA 241 + 183
VIC 236 + 101

CJ Alsop 38*
G Giffen 4-32; E Jones 2-10

South Australia win by 87 runs

CW A Look Ahead to the Sheffield Shield 1894/95 Season

The third year of the Sheffield Shield is the tightest season yet. A lot of teams will be keeping a lot of the team together this year also.

New South Wales 9/14 (last year 8/15)

New South Wales could end up anywhere in the table. They will be hoping it isn't a third year in a row at the bottom!

South Australia 10/13 (11/12 last season)

SA have every chance of defending their title this term.

Victoria 9/14 (8/14 last year)

Victoria is the one side that hasn't lost anything since last year, and the extra batting card could see them back on top at years' end.

Friday, 7 August 2009

CW 1893/94 (S2) End of Season Post

Stat time! There was a distinct lack of centuries; only 3 compared to last year's 12; there were also 35 half-centuries to 54 last term, so it was certainly a bowlers year!

Top five total runs:

G Giffen (SA) 328 (last year 214)
A Jarvis (SA) 282 (last year 264)
AH Jarvis (SA) 280 (234)
JC Reedman (SA) 261 (259)
J Worrall (VIC) 233 (88)

Top five total runs of all time:

H Graham (VIC) 621
A Jarvis (SA) 546
G Giffen (SA) 542
JC Reedman (SA) 520
AH Jarvis (SA) 514

Top five high scores:

JC Reedman (SA) 130
A Jarvis (SA) 123*
AH Jarvis (SA) 117
WF Giffen (SA) 91
J Darling (SA) 85

Top five high scores of all time:

H Graham (VIC) 141
A Hill (SA) 137
EJ Hiscock (SA) 132
JJ Lyons (SA) 131
JC Reedman (SA) 130

Top five wicket takers

CE McLeod (VIC) 22
GHS Trott (VIC) 19
CTB Turner (NSW) 18
E Jones (SA) 17
A Jarvis (SA) 17

Top five wicket takers of all time

E Jones (SA) 34
G Giffen (SA) 31
CTB Turner (NSW) 31
RW McLeod (VIC) 29
A Jarvis (SA) 29

Top five bowling innings

J Carlton (VIC) 6-32
GHS Trott (VIC) 5-19
A Jarvis (SA) 5-48
CTB Turner (NSW) 5-58
JC Reedman (SA) 5-61

Top five bowling innings of all time

J Carlton (VIC) 6-32
RW McLeod (VIC) 6-49
M Pierce (NSW) 6-72
GHS Trott (VIC) 5-19
FJ Laver (VIC) 5-39

CW 1893/1894 (S2) Game 6: South Australia vs Victoria

South Australia (11/12) vs Victoria (8/14)

Adelaide Oval

2nd-5th March 1894

South Australia - JJ Lyons, J Noel, G Giffen, JC Reedman, J Darling, A Jarvis, RH Dyer, BV Scrymgour, EJ Hiscock, A Hill, E Jones

Victoria - FH Walters, JH Stuckey, GHS Trott, J Harry, FJ Laver, CE McLeod, PM Lewis, RW McLeod, R Mitchell, AE Trott, J Carlton

First Innings

Victoria won the toos and put some early pressure on the home side in this title decider as only A Jarvis looked like a wicket-taker on a slightly bowling pitch. The visitors put up 124 runs before losing their first wickets.

VIC 367

CE McLeod 76; J Harry 68; FH Walters 65; JH Stuckey 55
A Jarvis 5-103

South Australia managed a good reply, mostly thanks to Reedman's grand score, but still trailed going into the second innings.

VIC 367
SA 331

JC Reedman 130; A Jarvis 93; J Darling 56
CE McLeod 3-91; GHS Trott 3-93

Second Innings

Victoria would then throw away their chance of sealing a second tiitle as they left South Australia needing 154 runs to win, but if SA could bowl this well there was hope for Victoria.

VIC 367 + 117
SA 331

PM Lewis 39
G Giffen 4-43; E Jones 2-15; A Jarvis 2-27

South Australia lost Lyons straight away, and fellow opener Noel was not far behind. Some in the crowd thought a Victoria-like collapse when the goal was in sight could happen as the scor was 143-6, but South Australia found the 11 runs needed to win the Sheffield Shield!

VIC 367 + 117
SA 331 + 154-6

G Giffen 53
CE McLeod 4-51

Final standings

South Australia 3 - 1
Victoria 2 - 2
New South Wales 1 - 3

In real life Victoria and NSW swap places

CW 1893/1894 (S2) Game 5 New South Wales vs Victoria

New South Wales (8/15) vs Victoria (8/14)

Association Ground

26th-29th January 1894

New South Wales - WL Murdoch, ST Callaway, H Moses, FA Iredale, H Donnan, SE Gregory, HJK MacPherson, CTB Turner, AL Newell, A Coningham, WH Moore

Victoria - FH Walters, J Harry, GHS Trott, FJ Laver, J Worrall, JH Stuckey, H Graham, H Trumble, JM Blackham, J Phillips, CE McLeod

First Innings

New South Wales, who won the toss and went in to bat first, and Victoria would both struggle with the bat as the wicket degraded quite radpidly to help the two lethal bowling attacks.

NSW 229

AL Newell 61; WL Murdoch 40
J Phillips 4-33; GHS Trott 3-31

Victoria would manage to match NSW in the first innings

NSW 229
VIC 228

FJ Laver 77; J Worrall 66; H Trumble 48
CTB Turner 5-58; AL Newell 3-70; ST Callaway 2-36

Second Innings

New South Wales would find themselves in dire straights after crashing for just 158 runs, leaving Victoria 160 to win.

NSW 229 + 158
VIC 228

AL Newell 37; FA Iredale 36
GHS Trott 5-19; CE McLeod 3-51

FH Walters' 51 would take them to 99-4, and it looked a sure thing when Victoria were on 155-6; five runs from victory but four straight wickets, three of them ducks, left them with a loss!

NSW 229 + 158
VIC 228

FH Walters 51, FJ Laver 33
A Coningham 3-25; AL Newell 3-46; ST Callaway 2-23

The season would come down to the final game, winner takes all, between South Australia and Victoria!

CW 1893/1894 (S2) Game 4: New South Wales vs South Australia

Standings at the half way point

Victoria 2 - 0
South Australia 1 - 1
New South Wales 0 - 2

New South Wales
(8/15) vs South Australia (11/12)

Association Ground

6th-8th January 1894

New South Wales - LD Moore, ACK Mackenzie, A Coningham, WH Moore, AL Newell, WL Murdoch, H Moses, FA Iredale, CTB Turner, ST Callaway, HJK MacPherson

South Australia - JJ Lyons, AH Jarvis, G Giffen, JC Reedman, J Darling, WF Giffen, H Blinman, A Jarvis, A Hill, GT Parkin, E Jones

First Innings

South Australia won the toss and batted first, looking to redeem themselves after the loss against Victoria, piling up a very tidy score on a very troubled pitch.

SA 370

WF Giffen 91; AH Jarvis 82; JC Reedman 46
ST Callaway 5-69

New South Wales, who struggled as the supposedly better bowling side, continued their difficulties with the bat, being forced to follow-on by South Australia. It could have been worse for a 9th wicket partnership of 61 between Turner and Callaway

SA 370
NSW 131

CTB Turner 40
E Jones 4-47; JC Reedman 3-18

New South Wales needed to score 239 to at least make South Australia bat again, but with runs scarce until Iredale walked on, it was a losing battle as SA won by an innings and 38 runs in match that lasted less than three whole days.

SA 370
NSW 131 + 201

FA Iredale 74; H Moses 38
G Giffen 4-58; JC Reedman 2-33

CW 1893/1894 (S2) Game 3: Victoria vs South Australia

Victoria (8/14) vs South Australia (11/12)

Melbourne Cricket Ground

1st-5th January 1894

Victoria - J Harry, JH Stuckey, GHS Trott, W Bruce, J Worrall, FH Walters, PM Lewis, FJ Laver, J Carlton, CE McLeod, HC Mapleston
South Australia - JJ Lyons, AH Jarvis, G Giffen, JC Reedman, J Darling, WF Giffen, A Jarvis, H Blinman, H Haldane, GT Parkin, E Jones

On a consistantly even pitch throughout, a lot of runs would be scored here. South Australia started out well, led by AH Jarvis and G Giffen. WF Giffen and H Blinman narrowly missing out on half-centuries.

SA 343

AH Jarvis 117; G Giffen 60
J Harry 4-54; CE McLeod 4-91

Victoria's reply would stutter as they finished 128 runs behind, leaving South Australia the choice to make Victoria follow-on.

SA 343
VIC 215

PM Lewis 65
A Jarvis 5-48

Second Innings

South Australia would not enforce the follow-on, and may have started to regret doing so after only adding another 240 runs. Some good batting in the middle order was offset by the poor efforts elsewhere.

SA 343 + 240
VIC 215

J Darling 85; JC Reedman 50; A Jarvis 42
J Carlton 5-60; CE McLeod 4-62

Victoria needed 369 to win with their hightest innings score on the year 283. They needn't have worried as they dominated from the crease for 118 overs and another victory; this time by 5 wickets.

SA 343 + 240
VIC 215 + 369-5

JH Stuckey 82; J Worrall 78*; J Harry 78; W Bruce 65
G Giffen 2-108

CW 1893/1894 (S2) Game 2: Victoria vs New South Wales

Victoria (8/14) vs New South Wales (8/15)

Melbourne Cricket Ground

23rd-24th, 26th-27th December 1893

Victoria - J Harry, JH Stuckey, GHS Trott, J Worrall, H Graham, W Bruce, H Trumble, FJ Laver, CE McLeod, J Carlton, JM Blackham

New South Wales - AC Bannerman, CTB Turner, H Moses, WL Murdoch, FA Iredale, ST Callaway, TW Garrett, ACK Mackenzie, WH Moore, AL Newell, M Pierce

First Innings

Victoria would bat first after winning the coin toss and they started a little sluggishly in what was billed as a low-scoring game. Victoria went from 56-3 to 283 all out despite the efforts of CTB Turner.

VIC 283

J Worrall 60
CTB Turner 5-82; AL Newell 3-63

The batting would continue to go against the pre-match experts as New South Wales racked up 319 runs with Turner carrying on from his bowling performance.

VIC 283
NSW 319

CTB Turner 62; WL Murdoch 52
H Trumble 4-52; GHS Trott 3-48

Second Innings

A poor innings from Victoria leave them in big trouble as seven batsmen only score single digits; two of them, W Bruce and FJ Laver, registered ducks, as the bowling ran wild.

VIC 283 + 159
NSW 319

JH Stuckey 48; H Trumble 47*

With only 124 runs to get it was the most incredible start! CTB Turner, H Moses, AC Bannerman, FA Iredale, and ST Callaway all fell without scoring to start New South Wales 0-5! The rampant bowling continued to incredibly leave Victoria the winners by 18 runs

VIC 283 + 159
NSW 319 + 105

WH Moore 36*
J Carlton 6-32; GHS trott 2-13; CE McLeod 2-33

CW 1893/1894 (S1) Game 1: South Australia vs New South Wales

South Australia (11/12) vs New South Wales (8/15)

Adelaide Oval -

15th-18th December 1893

South Australia - JJ Lyons, JC Reedman, G Giffen, AH Jarvis, WF Giffen, A Jarvis, H Haldane, J Darling, H Blinman, GT Parkin, E Jones

New South Wales -
AC Bannerman, ACK Mackenzie, FA Iredale, H Donnan, SE Gregory, ST Callaway, TW Garrett, M Pierce, WH Moore, AL Newell

First Innings

On an overcast day New South Wales won the toss and went in to bat first, putting up a decent score before losing their last wicket before lunch on day two.

NSW 333- all out

ACK Mackenzie 76; AC Bannerman 66; TW Garrett 62
JC Reedman 4-73

In reply, South Australia had a dodgy start as the bowling looked threatening, but the home side rallyed to lead by 58 runs halfway through day three.

NSW 333
SA 391

A Jarvis 123*; G Giffen 82; WF Giffen 68
TW Garrett 3-72; AC Bannerman 2-43

Second Innings

The wicket had degraded to a point where the bowlers would get a little extra help in the fourth day (one extra bowling card) and South Australia took full advantage to put themselves in full control.

NSW 333 + 209

SE Gregory 46; ST Callway 43*; AC Bannerman 40
JC Reedman 5-61; E Jones 3-50

South Australia were at 29-2, losing Lyons (11) and Reedman (16), but that would be the only scare New South Wales had to offer as SA won by eight wickets.

NSW 333 + 209
SA 391 + 152-2

G Giffen 69*; AH Jarvis 53*

CW A Look Ahead to the Sheffield Shield 1893/94 Season

The second year of the Sheffield Shield is expected to be dominated by the bowlers, with all-round South Australia the favourites to win the league.

New South Wales 8/15 (10/13 last season)

I Wales (43.50 average), CA Richardson (56.75), and SP Jones (13.25) do not feature on this year's team, and NSW will be heavily reliant on their bowling for any success this term. Another tough year is possible after ending 1-3 last season.

South Australia 11/12 (10/12 last season)

A slight improvement with the bat makes SA a good all-round side and almost certain to improve upon last year's 1-3 record. A Wilkinson (39.50), JH Tardiff (16.00), W Amos (15.00), and W Delaney (9.33) all play no part.

Victoria 8/14 (11/14 last season)

Last year's championship-winning side could well experience losing for the first time here with a dramatic drop in batting quality. EE Bean (67.00), JE Barrett (12.80), RS Houston (25.00), and WA Tarrant (68.00) are all absent.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

CW 1892/93 (S1) End of Season Post: Part II

Thanks to Paul's comment from my previous post, I have decided to compare runs per wickets for some of the bowlers to those in real life.

I will compare three bowlers for each team. I am not expecting too much to line up with real life due to how Cricket World deals with bowlers. It is entirely up to the player how much time each bowler gets, and they are not credited with overs; just runs and wickets. I have tried to keep those who bowled most of the innings in more than usual, but let's see what the stats say.

RW McLeod 27 wickets for 673 runs in my game; 22 wickets for 448 runs in real life
H Trumble 11 wickets for 454 runs in game; 22 for 298 IRL
FJ Laver 9 wickets for 176 runs; 2 for 84 IRL.

New South Wales:
M Pierce 26 wickets and 646 runs; 25 wickets for 622 runs - that one is very close!
CTB Turner 13 wickets for 350; 12 for 230
A Coningham 10 for 337; 11 for 245 IRL.

South Australia:
E Jones got 17 wickets for 556 runs; 15 for 425 in the real world
G Giffen took 15 for 657; 33 for 759
A Jarvis 12 for 440; 3 for 266

Well, that was interesting! M Pierce was very close to his real life totals, while others...not so much. At the end of the day though, this is a replay. So while it is nice to have stats and results close at times, I am all about the "What If" aspect of replay gaming.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

CW 1892/93 (S1) End of Season Post

That was an interesting first season of the Sheffield Shield. The standings ended up as in real life

Victora 4-0
New South Wales 1-3
South Australia 1-3

Although it is a small sample size, I am pleased that Cricket World was able to come up with this.

I have created an Excel file to keep track of all the stats, so here are a few highlights.

Top three total runs:

H Graham (VIC) had 542 runs this year
SE Gregory (NSW) had 366
JJ Lyons (SA) ended with 352 runs

Top three high scores:

H Graham (VIC) 141 vs New South Wales 26-30 January 1893
A Hill (SA) 137 vs Victoria 16-21 March 1893
EJ Hiscock (SA) 132 vs New South Wales 7-11 January 1893

Top three wicket takers

RW McLeod (VIC) 27
M Pierce (NSW) 26
E Jones (SA) 17

Top three bowling innings

RW McLeod (VIC) 6-49 vs New South Wals 26-30 January 1893
M Pierce (NSW) 6-72 vs South Australia 16th-21st December 1892
FJ Laver (VIC) 5-39 vs South Australia 31 Dec, 2 -4 January 1892-93

M Pierce took 10 wickets in the match at home against South Australia 7-11 Jan 1893.
RW McLeod took 10 wickets in the match away to New South Wales 26-30 Jan 1893.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

CW 1892/1893 (S1) Game Six: South Australia vs Victoria

South Australia (10/12) vs Victoria (11/14)
Adelaide Oval -

16-21 March 1893

It was nearly two months before Victoria and South Australia could finish off the season.

SA dropped GT Parkin, W Delaney, EJ Hiscock, and J Noel in favour of the returning A Hill and H Blinman, with WF Giffen and W Amos making their debuts.

For Victoria, W Bruce, JE Barrett, J Worrall, H Trumble, and JM Blackham made way for JH Stuckey, FJ Laver, and debutants WA Tarrant, J Harry, and EE Bean.

Victoria once again elected to bat first after winning the toss on an even pitch wih beautiful weather.

They got stuck in right through to tea on day two as the South Australian bowlers had no answer to the hot bats of Trott, Tarrant, and Harry.

Victoria 545-9 declared

Vic: GHS Trott 119; WA Tarrant 92; J Harry 90*; EE Bean 57*
SA: JJ Lyons 3-46; G Giffen 2-125

After sollid numbers through the f irst half of the order, South Australia struggled and failed to reach the follow-on total needed as they were all out for 375.

Victoria 545-9 dec.
SA 375 all out

SA: H Blinman 78; JJ Lyons 61
Vic: RW McLeod 3-100; FJ Laver 2-51; J Carlton 2-52


Victoria did not enforce the follow on and went on the front foot again; this time building up an innings score of 349-9 dec. to give themselves a lead of 519.

Victoria 545-9 dec. + 349-9 dec.
SA 375 all out

Vic: JH Stuckey 62; PM Lewis 53
SA: W Amos 3-40; JC Reedman 2-44; E Jones 2-46

South Australia took the match into a sixth day but fell 123 runs shy of winning despite A Hill and A Jarvis putting up excellent numbers from 7th and 9th in the order.

Victoria 545-9 dec. + 349-9 dec.
SA 375 + 397

SA: A Hill 137; A Jarvis 97
Vic: RW McLeod 5-105; J Phillips 2-88

CW 1892/1893 (S1) Game 5: New South Wales vs Victoria

New South Wales (10/13) vs Victoria (11/14)
Association Ground, Sydney -

26-30 January 1893

Due to my M.E. not being compatible with writing this much, I have decided to shorten things down a fair bit. I hope to keep all the important information in at the expense of some reporting.

In this game LD Moore makes way for Fast-Medium bowler A Cunningham for New South Wales. Victoria introduce JM Blackham, and J Phillips returns. JH Stuckey and FJ Laver make room.

Victoria won the toss and decided to bat on what looked to be a good pitch (one extra batting card, but that lasted a matter of a few overs before the pitch dropped and that advantage was nullified).

Victoria 309- all out.

Vic: PM Lewis 70; RW McLeod 56
NSW: A Cunningham 5-94; M Pierce 2-44

Early on day two, some fine batting put Victoria's championship hopes on the edge.

Victoria 309 all out
NSW 403 all out

NSW: CA Richardson 113; FA Iredale 56; CTB Turner 55
Vic: RW McLeod 5-106


The Victorian second innings would be saved by H Graham and J Phillips batting 6th and 7th in the lineup.

Victoria 309 all out + 428 all out
NSW 403 all out

Vic: H Graham 140; J Philliips 108; H Trumble 50
NSW: CTB Turner 5-115

New South Wales wouldn't even reach Tea as they totally collapsed, with only CTB Turner's second half-century of the match a bright point for the home side as RW McLeod took eleven wickets in total.

Victoria 309 + 428
NSW 403 + 175

NSW: CTB Turner 52; CA Richardson 49
Vic: RW McLeod 6-49

Victoria win by 159 runs and cannot be caught in the title race for the inagural Sheffield Shield!

CW 1892/1893 (S1) Game 4: New South Wales vs South Australia - Second Innings

New South Wales (10/13) vs South Australia (10/12)
Association Ground, Sydney -

7-11 January 1893

Second Innings

With the pitch still helpful to bowlers on day three, and every chance of further degradation, New South Wales decided to bat again and add as many runs as possible.

AC Bannerman couldn't get close to repeating his half century when G Giffen trapped him L.B.W. for just 2 runs. SE Gregory (10) and CTB Turner (0) made the score 21-3 after and E Jones and Giffen dispatched them.

LD Moore and H Donnan would improve upon their first innings efforts with scores of 57 and 41 respectively. Donnan was stumped off GT Parkin, and Moore was caught L.B.W. by A Jarvis. The innings score was now 113-5.

CA Richardson was another victim of Parkin, L.B.W, for just 7, while ST Callaway was caught for 10; Giffen taking the wicket. GJ Youill (24) was bowled by Reedman, and a good 69 off FA Iredale was stopped by Parkin. The bowler then claimed his fourth of the innings, fifth of the match, by taking the stumps of M Pierce for 5.

New South Wales had added another 229 runs to give South Australia a target of 352 to win with two whole days left to play on a very poor batting pitch.

Best Batsmen: FA Iredale 69; LD Moore 57
Best Bowlers: GT Parkin 4-33; G Giffen 3-77

M Pierce would take the first three wickets with just 66 runs on the board. JJ Lyons (5) was caught at gully, while AH Jarvis (20) and G Giffen (26) were bowled out. South Australia would lose another wicket before lunch on day four: JC Reedman caught off CTB Turner for 38 runs to leave SA 241 runs to win with six wickets remaining.

Whilst A Jarvis (19), JH Tardiff (21), and W Delaney (6) were crumbling cheaply, EJ Hiscock was putting on a supreme batting display, reaching 132 before FA Iredale bowled him. South Australia now needed 70 runs from their final two wickets.

They would only creep a little closer as J Noel (11) and GT Parkin (9) brought up the 300, 52 runs shy of a win. New South Wales wins by 52 runs.

Best Batsmen: EJ Hiscock 132
Best Bowlers: M Pierce 5-86; FA Iredale 3-21

CW 1892/1893 (S1) Game 4: New South Wales vs South Australia - First Innings

New South Wales (10/13) vs South Australia (10/12)
Association Ground, Sydney -

7-11 January 1893

First Innings

The second round of games began with these two sides. South Australia beat New South Wales by five wickets when these two teams first met, and the hosts were looking to get their revenge. The wicket would help the bowlers throughout the match, and NWS decided to bat after winning the toss before the pitch could degrade further.

SE Gregory
was gone straight away without any runs on the board as E Jones got him L.B.W, and LD Moore only scored 18 thanks to a catch at midoff; Jones again the bowler, and New South Wales were 35-2.

The second opener AC Bannerman and debutant CTB Turner steadied things down through their partnership of 67; Bannerman caught at third man for 51. H Donnan came in, and then left for 25 as he was clean-bowled by JC Reedman, and NSW were 155-4.

CTB Turner would fall shy of his century at 91 when A Jarvis did it all himself, caught and bowled, while CA Richardson, the third debutant behind Moore and Turner, would get a good 58 before Jones struck again. NSW were 262-7 in the evening session of day one when FA Iredale (13) and GJ Youill (0) would not make much of an impact.

It took 20 overs of the second day for South Australia to finish off M Pierce for 5 and an impressive 48 from ST Callaway to end the New South Wales innings at 332- all out; I Wales ended on 19 not out.

Best Batsmen: CTB Turner 91; CA Richardson 58; AC Bannerman 51
Best Bowlers: E Jones 4-107; A Jarvis 2-52

CTB Turner's impressive debut continued with ball in hand as he and M Pierce tore through the South Australian batsmen for just 210 runs. After JJ Lyons (15) was caught behind for 22 and AH Jarvis (20) taken in some style at backward short leg in quick succession, a mini-stand ensued before the onslaught resumed.

JC Reedman (L.B.W. ST Callaway) would put up 36 runs for 103-3 , and G Giffen would get the side to 185 runs with his 65 before losing out to an L.B.W. call off Pierce. A Jarvis and JA Tardiff would go for quick ducks, both belonging to Turner and SA found themselves 189-6.

W Delaney (22) and J Noel (14) would bring the tally up to 210-6, before M Pierce got Delaney and Noel, with Turner cleaning up GT Parkin (0) and EJ Hiscock (37) to end the innings 210 all out. With over 120 runs between the sides, NSW had to decide on whether or not to enforce the follow-on.

Best Batsmen: G Giffen 65
Best Bowlers: M Pierce 5-68; CTB Turner 4-58