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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Player of the Game Hockey - NHL 1967-68 Preview

Back in 2010 I played an All-Time Greats set with the now defunct Player of the Game Hockey and I went on to purchase a full season set before the game disappeared. PotG Hockey is quick to play but it provides a satisfying experience. You can play with dice and charts but I have always preferred the use of a deck of Fast Action Cards (FAC). These cards run you through each game providing all the information you need from minutes passed and penalties to shots and rare events.

The year is 1967 and the NHL has just doubled in size from six to twelve teams. The new franchises are Los Angeles, Minnesota, Oakland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and St Louis, and it is these new members of the league that make up the West Division with the Original Six teams together in the East.

There are four players who appeared for two teams during the course of the season. These players will gather stats for both teams throughout the year but when the teams meet then the franchise he belonged to at that time will have him on their roster. The players are:

K Douglas (OAK-DET Jan 9th)
T Hampson (DET-OAK Jan 9th)
W Hicks (PHI-PIT Feb 27th)
R Stewart (StL-NYR Nov 29th)

If you followed the aforementioned ATG game, or especially the long running NHL 1962-63 replay using DICE Hockey, then there will be many names that should be familiar to you. As always please feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy reading along.

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