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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Controlled Chaos - World Championships, Part One

World Championships - Santa Claus, IN
Part One
Will Thompson, Darryl Lozier, Scott Hutchins, Joe Ramage, Tom Gariepy, Andy Bing, Jamie Eilers, Chris Henton, Norm Gibson, Ben Hadsell, Will Murphy, John McCrory, Lynne Higgins, Matt Welliver, Leo May, Danny Krol, Steven Redden, Sam Harbin, Darrell Andresen, Jess Yates

It took five minutes for two of the outside contenders to end their seasons with a sour taste in the mouth as, in just his fifth final out of twelve, Andy Bing struck both Thompson and Hadsell before the race officials halted proceedings to check his vehicle, disqualifying him for a loose tank, and then Jamie Eilers, in his third straight final after missing four, also received a DQ as his hit on Gariepy, his fourth on as many targets, was deemed unfair.

Starting out with a long stall, striking Hutchins and then missing his next target, it was an early exit for Jess Yates in only his seventh final all year when Thompson charged into him on the blindside to end his brutal day where he rode ten shots, and Leo May was not far behind as the ten-time finalist, after taking a blindsider from Krol, looked quite comfortable striking four opponents, but the damage he took in exchange off of eight hits was enough to see him fall in seventeenth.

In his fifteenth final Norm Gibson was looking in fine form as he ran through the pack with five hits, but he was unable to counter the small fleet of cars who were hunting him down as Thompson, Andresen and Redden all struck him twice.

Form Guide
20th: Andy Bing: /-12-12-7-/-8-/-1-2-/-/-/-1-11-4-/-/-12-2-1-/-/-1-/-1-/-/-11-/-10-/-20
19th: Jamie Eilers: 2-/-/-/-2-/-/-7-/-/-9-/-/-1-1-/-4-/-/-8-6-/-/-10-7-/-/-/-/-4-1-19
18th: Jess Yates: /-8-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-7-/-/-/-4-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-3-/-/-/-5-/-/-3-/-/-18
17th: Leo May: /-/-7-/-10-4-/-4-7-/-/-2-/-/-/-5-8-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-12-17
16th: Norm Gibson: /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-7-1-10-/-T2-1-2-3-/-7-3-/-3-T11-3-/-/-/-10-8-/-16

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