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Friday, 5 July 2013

Controlled Chaos - World Championships, Part Four

World Championships - Sana Claus, IN
Part Four
Andy Bing, Jamie Eilers, Tom Gariepy, Norm Gibson, Ben Hadsell, Lynne Higgins, Scott Hutchins, Danny Krol, Darryl Lozier, John McCrory, Leo May, Will Murphy, Joe Ramage, Will Thompson, Jess Yates

Chris Henton, Matt Welliver, Steven Redden, Sam Harbin, Darrell Andresen

With the title wrapped up and Will Thompson kicking off his celebrations, the final five still had work to do but none of them could touch the champion as a win for Chris Henton would result in his finishing half a point behind.

Even that was out of reach for Henton though as, after missing just two finals in the last thirteen, he was viciously blindsided by Matt Welliver, just the sixth hit against Henton in his sixteenth final, to end his day in fifth place. Only Redden struck him twice whilst Higgins was one of his six victims, hitting her twice. His final act before elimination was to free Redden and Harbin who had become entangled just prior to his attack.

Matt Welliver, the thirteen time finalist, misses out on becoming the twelfth member of the One-Hundred Points Club as his dismissal at the hands of Andresen resulted in him finishing in fourth spot for his sixth top five finish on the year; a fifth in ten weeks. Lozier, Bing, Andresen, Thompson, May, Krol and Ramage all took a hit from Welliver who took six in return. It was a blindside from Hutchins, the second of the contest after Gariepy's surprise assault, that led to a disastrous stall which Andresen was all too happy to take advantage of.

A third podium for Sam Harbin in his eleventh final, and a fourth top five placing in his last five appearances, ends his season on a high note despite a multitude of short stalls and the situation late on where he was locked up with Redden. His fortune also came down to a blindside hit with Andresen laying a devastating shot to almost roll over his victim. This was the fourth time he had attacked Harbin, with Redden helping at the end with a double-tap, to make it eleven hits against with six for in a finale that was interrupted every other minute by an engine cutout of narrow miss.

That left the season ending event down to two men who have no wins between them but twenty-five appearances between them.

Steven Redden didn't make the cut by much and this was just his second final in fifteen weeks, while Andresen made it three appearances in ten. It was a debut podium for Andresen and a third for his remaining foe, and until the very last hit neither man had made contact on the other.

Redden started his eleventh final by mowing through Gibson (2), Yates, Henton, Gariepy and Thompson while on the other Andresen was putting his efforts into Harbin, May and Gibson, all after a blindsider from Gariepy. Redden meshed with the car of Harbin before helping to finish the job after they were swiftly freed, and Andresen, competing in his fourteenth final, briefly stalled before laying hits on eight victims, including Steven Redden, and claiming his debut event victory.

5th Chris Henton: /-/-/-/-/-/-1-17-11-/-/-/-/-10-5-/-/-/-/2-4-4-9-6-4-2-2-/-/-12-2-5
4th Matt Welliver: 11-11-11-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-6-/-/-12-/-T7-/-1-/-/-/-/-4-7-2-/-/-3-4-/-/-4
3rd Sam Harbin: /-2-/-/-11-/-6-12-/-/-12-/-/-/-/-/-/-6-/-/-/-/-5-2-/-/-/-/-/-11-4-3
2nd Steven Redden: 6-/-/-T2-/-6-/-14-/-8-/-/-3-6-8-/-6-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-7-/-/-/-2
1st Darrell Andresen: 8-10-/-9-/-/-/-11-/-/-/-8-4-/-/-/-/-11-5-5-8-8-/-/-/-/-10-/-9-/-/-1

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