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Monday, 1 July 2013

Controlled Chaos - World Championships Preview

The top twenty drivers of the year make their way to Santa Claus, Indiana for the for the season finale to determine the debut winner of Controlled Chaos. Ricky Grimes (Louisana Invitational), John Ruiz (Ides of March) and Reggie Banks (Firecracker Open) are the only event winners to miss out as Jess Yates stands in twentieth position, just one and two points ahead of Grimes and Ruiz respectively.

Out of the twenty entrants eight of them can claim the title thanks to the double points available in this mass scramble where all of the drivers compete in one huge rumble. Twelve-and-a-half points divides the top three of Thompson, Lozier and Hutchins with the outside contenders of Ramage, Gariepy, Bing, Eilers and Henton all separated by seven points.

Will Thompson 171.5pts
Darryl Lozier -6pts
Scott Hutchins -12.5pts
Joe Ramage -31.5pts
Tom Gariepy -33pts
Andy Bing -34pts
Jamie Eilers -38.5pts
Chris Henton -38.5pts

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