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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Controlled Chaos - World Championships, Part Two

World Championships - Santa Claus, IN
Part Two
Andy Bing, Jamie Eilers, Norm Gibson, Leo May, Jess Yates

Will Thompson, Darryl Lozier, Scott Hutchins, Joe Ramage, Tom Gariepy, Chris Henton, Ben Hadsell, Will Murphy, John McCrory, Lynne Higgins, Matt Welliver, Danny Krol, Steven Redden, Darrell Andresen

Out of all the entrants in this season finale Tom Gariepy was one of the busiest drivers present as, in his eleventh final, he laid on ten hits, including five to the blindside, and took six in return, unsurprisingly taking a lowly fifteenth place after all of those collisions to destroy his hopes claiming the title, and Will Murphy, who after making eight of the first twelve finals this year featured in just his fifth out of the last twenty, laid three of his seven hits on Ramage but finishes well before his favourite target when Ben Hadsell returned for seconds to finish the job.

A stall took out Danny Krol as he only delivered a pair of hits in his tenth final and first in five weeks. Chris Henton was quick to catch him off guard, burying him in the barriers at the very start of the contest, and upon freeing himself struck Lozier and Ramage with the latter attack the cause of his crippling stall.

Then one of the top contenders for the crown went down in twelfth place as Scott Hutchins rues missing the final for the past fortnight as, in his seventeenth appearance, comes away without points despite delivering nine good hits. Indiscriminately making his way through the pack Hutchins only hit Yates more than once and took just five hits in return but it was revenge hit by Thompson and a second shot from Higgins that crushed him out of the running.

In her fifteenth final, with nine of them coming in the final thirteen weeks, Lynne Higgins just misses out on a point as she marks the halfway point of the derby ten minutes into the battle. Hutchins and Welliver were repeat victims as she rode through eight cars. Four of the seven hits she took howevere proved to be difference makers as both Henton and McCrory hounded her into submission.

Form Guide
15th: Tom Gariepy: /-/-/-T2-/-1-/-5-/-5-/-/-11-/-/-/-/-/-/-1-/-2-/-1-8-/-/-4-/-/-/-15
14th: Will Murphy: /-4-2-4-/-/-3-3-/-6-3-4-/-/-/-/-/-/-6-/-/-5-/-5-/-/-/-/-/-/-6-14
13th: Danny Krol: /-/-/-8-/-/-/-/-4-/-/-/-3-/-10-/-/-/-/-/-10-12-/-/-4-1-/-/-/-/-13
12th: Scott Hutchins: 3-/-/-/-/-5-/-20-1-9-2-2-6-8-/-/-3-/-/-3-/-/-/-/-5-1-3-8-8-/-/-12
11th: Lynne Higgins: /-5-10-5-/-/-5-8-/-/-/-/-/-5-/-/-/-/-/-4-10-/-8-9-/-3-9-9-/-T1-/-11

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