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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Basho Fury - 1981 Kyushu, Juryo Day Eight

Sunday November 15th 1981
Fukuoka, Fukuoka International

Shishiho has not had a great tournament with only win so far (vs Fukuzono, Day Four) but today he cemented one memory in everyone's mind. He may have lost to Kurosegawa but the quality of the match was equal to any before it.

Shinko takes a fifth consecutive victory, sweeping aside Oko today, and Daigo dropped his second result in four days when Fukuzono had the better of him. The leader may have missed out on the final day of bashos on more than one occassion this year but that experience has taught him that he must keep it up and stay clear of the chasing pack.Tengozan won his third straight match, Tamaryu looks back on form after his two day skid, and Hakuryuyama has won five matches in six days to make a strong group of contenders.

(41) Shinko (7-1) def. (34) Oko (3-5) by hikiotoshi
(52) Amanoyama (5-3) def. (45) Kurohimeyama (4-4) by oshidashi
(36) Wakanofuji (3-5) def. (45) Wakajishi (1-7) by oshidashi
(45) Hakuryuyama (6-2) def. (29) Tagaryu (3-5) by okuridashi

(46) Kurosegawa (5-3) def. (39) Shishiho (1-7) by yorikiri
(60) Tamaryu (6-2) def. (40) Hakuryu (2-6) by sotogake
(41) Tochitsurugi (5-3) def. (41) Oyutaka (5-3) by oshidashi
(42) Tengozan (6-2) def. (40) Kotowaka (4-4) by oshidashi

(36) Fukuzono (4-4) def. (34) Daigo (6-2) by yorikiri
(37) Kinoarashi (3-5) def. (35) Futatsuryu (4-4) by yorikiri
(38) Saisu (5-3) def. (21) Hoshiiwato (1-7) by yorikiri

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