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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Basho Fury - 1981 Kyushu, Juryo Day Twelve

Thursday November 19th 1981
Fukuoka, Fukuoka International

It's all going wrong for Shinko after losing for a third day in a row, Oyutaka ending a five day losing streak with this result, and Tamaryu reaches ten wins with a sixth in as many days by pushing Tengozan down to an 8-4 record. Tochitsurugi is alone in second place with victory over Wakanofuji, while Hakuryuyama loses back to back contests for the first time in the Kyushu to match Tengozan and Daigo on 8-4.

(41) Oyutaka (6-6) def. (41) Shinko (8-4) by oshidashi
(45) Wakajishi (4-8) def. (52) Amanoyama (5-7) by tsukiotoshi
(51) Toryu (7-5) def. (45) Hakuryuyama (8-4) by tsukiotoshi
(37) Kinoarashi (6-6) def. (39) Shishiho (2-10) by yorikiri

(46) Kurosegawa (8-4) def. (45) Kurohimeyama (6-6) by yorikiri
(40) Kotowaka (7-5) def. (36) Fukuzono (6-6) by uwatenage
(60) Tamaryu (10-2) def. (42) Tengozan (8-4) by chongake
(41) Tochitsurugi (9-3) def. (36) Wakanofuji (3-9) by oshidashi

(35) Futatsuryu (7-5) def. (34) Oko (4-8) by yorikiri
(38) Saisu (7-5) def. (29) Tagaryu (4-8) by yorikiri
(25) Kakureizan (3-4) def. (21) Hoshiiwato (1-11) by yorikiri
(34) Daigo (8-4) def. (10*) Taigiyama (3-4) by sotogake

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