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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Basho Fury - 1981 Kyushu, Juryo Day Ten

Tuesday November 1th 1981
Fukuoka, Fukuoka International

After his win in the Mkuuchi against Iwanami, Hakuryuyama has won seven of his last eight matches to take him up to 8-2 alongside Tamaryu who beat Saisu to earn his second four day winning streak, and Shinko who lost to Tochitsurugi who himself is only one win back of the leading trio.

(41) Tochitsurugi (7-3) def. (41) Shinko (8-2) by yorikiri
(51) Toryu (5-5) def. (36) Wakanofuji (3-7) by oshidashi
(45) Kurohimeyama (5-5) def. (39) Shishiho (1-9) by tsukiotoshi
(40) Hakuryu (4-6) def. (40) Kotowaka (5-5) by sukuinage

(46) Kurosegawa (7-3) def. (41) Oyutaka (5-5) by yoritaoshi
(60) Tamaryu (8-2) def. (38) Saisu (6-4) by uwatenage
(36) Fukuzono (5-5) def. (29) Tagaryu (3-7) by yorikiri (legendary match)
(42) Tengozan (7-3) Def. (34) Oko (4-6) by tsukidashi

(37) Kinoarashi (4-6) def. (10*) Taigiyama (3-3) by yorikiri
(10*) Tochitsukasa (3-3) def. (21) Hoshiiwato (1-9) by hikiotoshi
(35) Futatsuryu (5-5) def. (10*) Kusatake (3-3) by kotenage (very close, great match)
(3-4) Daigo (7-3) def. (10*) Kotomidori (3-3) by uwatenage

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