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Monday, 9 July 2012

Basho Fury - 1981 Kyushu, Makuuchi Day Thirteen

Friday November 20th 1981
Fukuoka, Fukuoka International

There were several close contests resulting in upsets today with Iwanami edging out Oshio, and Aobajo winning his fourth in a row by taking care of Tochihikari. Both matches paled in comparison to the match between Ozutsu and Sadanoumi who both refused to yield for several minutes before a victor could be determined. The big story of the day though is that we have a three-way tie at the top heading into the penultimate day of the season. Kurama became the first man of the fortnight to defeat Takamiyama, and both Chiyonofuji and Kotokaze won against tough opposition in Asashio and Takanosato.

(94) Chiyonofuji (12-1) def. (78) Asashio (8-5) by uwatedashinage
(81) Kotokaze (12-1) def. (79) Takanosato (9-4) by yorikiri
(65) Daijuyama (7-6) def. (67) Kirinji (6-7) by yorikiri
(68) Dewanohana (9-4) def. (69) Hokutenyu (5-8) by uwatenage
(75) Ozutsu (9-4) def. (67) Sadanoumi (5-8) by yoritaoshi

(58) Hidanohana (3-10) def. (71) Tochiakagi (8-5) by yorikiri
(63) Azumanada (5-8) def. (54) Banryuyama (3-10) by uwatenage
(69) Kurama (5-8) def. (65) Takamiyama (12-1) by kotenage
(59) Onishiki (6-7) def. (54) Kaiki (6-7) by uwatenage

(54) Koboyama (10-3) def. (64) Wakashimazu (3-10) by tsukidashi
(59) Zaonishiki (5-8) def. (52) Hoo (5-8) by yoritaoshi
(50) Iwanami (6-7) def. (61) Oshio (6-7) by tsukiotoshi
(52) Aobajo (8-5) def. (64) Tochihikari (5-8) by okuridashi

(58) Fujizakura (7-6) def. (52) Kotochitose (5-8) by oshidashi
(49) Aobayama (2-11) def. (45) Hakuryuyama (8-5) by yorikiri
(41) Shinko (9-4) def. (45) Daihi (5-8) by hatakikomi
(46) Kurosegawa (9-4) def. (43) Hachiya (6-7) by yorikiri

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