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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Arrows at Gold - London 2012 Olympics, Men's Team First Round Preview

China: Xiaoxian Dai / Zhaowu Liu / Yu Xing
Chinese Taipei: Yu-Cheng Chen / Cheng-Wei Kuo / Cheng-Pang Wang
France: Thomas Faucheron / Romain Girouille / Gael Prevost
Great Britain: Larry Godfrey / Simon Terry / Alan Wills
India: Rahul Banerjee / Tarundeep Rai / Jayanta Talukdar
Italy: Michele Frangilli / Marco Galiazzo / Mauro Nespoli
Japan: Takaharu Furukawa / Yu Ishizu / Hiedki Kikuchi
Korea: Dong Hyun Im / Bubmin Kim / Jin Hyek Oh
Malaysia: Chu Sian Cheng / Haziq Kamaruddin / Khairul Anuar
Mexico: Luis Alvarez / Juan Rene Serrano / Luis Eduardo Velez
Ukraine: Dmytro Hrachov / Markiyan Ivashko / Viktor Ruban
United States: Brady Ellison / Jake Kaminski / Jacob Wukie

The first elimination round begins with eight teams fighting it out for four quarterfinal spots. Korea, United States, China and France all receive byes into the next round and await the winners of this round. Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture.

                (Click image for larger version)

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