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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Controlled Chaos - Halloween Open, Heat One

Halloween Open - Akron, OH
Heat One
Sam Harbin, Steven Redden, Chris Henton, Randy Corson, Jess Yates, Joe Ramage, Ben Hadsell, Norm Gibson, Leo May, Timmy Barnes, Scott Hutchins, Tom Gariepy

Eight-time finalist Randy Corson (5th Frostbite, 5th Tampa Open, 6th Fall Nationals) had mere seconds to enjoy the opening heat as he was sandwiched by Steven Redden and Chris Henton, then, after qualifying for his first final in eleven weeks at the Fall Nationals, Redden (Tied-2nd Valentine's Day Massacre, 6th Wisconsin Invitational, 3rd Indy Nationals) charged into the driver's side door of Ben Hadsell to earn himself a DQ result.

Leo May (4th Wisconsin, 4th Idaho Invitational, 2nd Indy) was struck seven times in his five minutes of action, Sam Harbin's blindside launching him straight into Norm Gibson for the killer blow, and Harbin (2nd Arizona Derby, 5th Ohio Derby, 2nd Mile High Open) misses his fifth consecutive final, and fifteenth out of eighteen, when Gibson joined in on the onslaught that was being laid down by Tom Gariepy.

Chris Henton's (1st Spring Fling Derby, 2nd Arkansas Derby, 2nd Bluegrass Derby, 2nd Hickory Derby) run of eight straight finals ended in Bristol and he misses out again, Ben Hadsell smashing into him after Henton missed and careened into the wall, but Norm Gibson (1st Lobster Nationals, Tied-2nd Summer National Derby, 1st Texas Nationals, 2nd Louisiana Invitational) needed  seven shots to take him down as he survives long enough to reach the consolation heat in his quest for a first final in three weeks.

Joe Ramage warred with Gibson, Harbin and May; Timmy Barnes was blindsided by both Yates and Henton; and Tom Gariepy delivered nine hits to seven opponents as all three join the consolation heat.

With only five finals before today Jess Yates makes it three in the last eight with eleven hits to his credit, including a blindsider to Barnes and Hutchins, while riding eight against him as Gariepy, Hutchins and Henton who made a return visit.

After delivering the final blow to Yates, Ben Hadsell went one-on-one with Scott Hutchins as they prepared for their thirteenth and fifteenth finals respectively. The winner of the most recent event Hadsell, only his second final in seven weeks, was nearly done in early here as he smacked Gibson twice before Sam Harbin forced him into the barriers where he barely escaped the tight squeeze in time.

For Hutchins, who had to ride nine hits throughout, he was content in doubling up on Yates and Gariepy with Henton, Barnes and Hadsell also taking attacks. It was Hadsell who got in on his final opponent first with three quick hits with the final two coming after a retaliation that left Hutchins stranded against the wall, helplessly waiting for the end to be delivered as Hadsell takes his fifth heat win of the year.

Race Result
1. Ben Hadsell
2. Scott Hutchins
3. Jess Yates
4. Tom Gariepy
5. Timmy Barnes
6. Joe Ramage
7. Norm Gibson
8. Chris Henton
9. Sam Harbin
10. Leo May
11. Steven Redden
12. Randy Corson

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