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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Controlled Chaos - Thanksgiving Derby, Heat Two

Thanksgiving Derby - Pasadena, CA
Heat Two
Bill Malbrough, Lynne Higgins, Norm Gibson, Ben Hadsell, Danny Krol, Randy Corson, Phillip Ruffin, Tom Gariepy, Joe Ramage, Jamie Eilers, Will Thompson, Leo May

Seconds after the starting horn sounded Ben Hadsell (1st Frostbite, Tied-2nd Summer National Derby, 2nd Texas Nationals, 1st Fall Nationals) blindsided Norm Gibson and earned a disqualification for his troubles, leaving him with five finals in fifteen, then three minutes in Bill Malbrough (11th Halloween Open, 6th Indiana Open) took his seventh hit against; all coming from a different opponent.

Two of Malbrough's attackers were out next as Danny Krol (4th Jersey Derby, 3rd Summer Sizzler, 4th Bluegrass Derby, 1st Hickory Derby) and Phillip Ruffin (5th Hickory, 5th Fall) both stalled out, and Lynne Higgins (3rd Bluegrass Derby, Tied-1st Indiana) struck Gibson twice before her own stall left her open to a double-tap from Jamie Eilers causing her to miss just her third final in twelve weeks.

Recovering from his blindside attack that earned Hadsell a DQ result Norm Gibson went on a charge, hitting Malbrough, Ramage and Gariepy before a double-tap on Corson heavily damaged him which allowed his final victim to gain revenge with a finishing blow that rolled him over. He joins Tom Gariepy, Leo May and Randy Corson in the consolation heat after this trio accumulated twenty-four hits with their ends coming seconds apart as they all came together for a final bash.

That leaves Will Thompson to march through into his twenty-second final where he hopes to take full advantage of an absent Darryl Lozier in his quest to take over the championship lead in the penultimate event of the season. Like Leo May before him Thompson suffered a near fatal stall that came either side of hitting May, but a successful re-firing allowed him to reach nine targets hit with May (3) and Eilers (2) his favourites.

Making his way into just his fourteenth final and keeping himself in the title chase is Joe Ramage who, with ten hits to his credit, was keenest to get on top of Eilers with five shots during the sixteen minute battle. Higgins (2), Malbrough, Gibson and Thompson made up the rest of his targets as he was never far from the action and was struck nine times in return.

And taking his fourth heat victory Jamie Eilers, with twelve hits on just five opponents, makes it twelve finals on the year with a fourth back-to-back situation. Higgins (2), Thompson (4), Gariepy (2), Gibson (2) and Ramage (2) all suffered at his hands with only two very short stalls disrupting his impressive rhythm.

Race Result
1. Jamie Eilers
2. Joe Ramage
3. Will Thompson
4. Randy Corson
5. Leo May
6. Tom Gariepy
7. Norm Gibson
8. Lynne Higgins
9. Danny Krol
10. Phillip Ruffin
11. Bill Malbrough
12. Ben Hadsell

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