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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Controlled Chaos - Indiana Open, Heat Three

Indiana Open - Winslow, IN
Heat Three
Steven Redden, Charlie Clayton, John McCrory, Phillip Ruffin, Lynne Higgins, Dick Garrett, Ricky Grimes, Bill Malbrough, Joe Ramage, Rob Remaley, Randy Corson, Chris Henton

Only Dick Garrett (6th Ides of March, 7th Wisconsin Invitational, 5th Seattle Derby, 7th Indy Nationals), who suffered five hits in the opening two minutes to force him to miss a seventeenth straight final, was eliminated after six minutes of the third heat, with seven-time finalist Ricky Grimes (3rd Jersey Derby, 3rd Texas Nationals, 1st Louisiana Invitational) starting a run of four exits after he was involved with eight collisions.

It's four finals in twenty-two weeks now for Randy Corson (5th Frostbite, 5th Tampa Open, 6th Alamo Derby, 6th Fall Nationals) as he re-fired a lengthy stall only for Rob Remaley to return from an early hit to finish what he started, and, after Steven Redden came in to break up the attached Charlie Clayton and Phillip Ruffin just prior to the clock counting down on the both of them, Ruffin (8th Big Apple Smash Up, 8th Mile High Open, 5th Hickory Derby, 5th Fall) finally fell to the abuse handed down by John McCrory.

After his charitable work ten-time finalist Steven Redden (Tied-2nd Valentine's Day Massacre, 3rd Indy), who now has one appearance in the last thirteen finals (7th Fall), took a fourth consecutive hit from Chris Henton who, as a result of this brutality, claimed the seventh spot, moving him on to the consolation heat and leaving Redden nowhere.

John McCrory, who laid five of his eight hits on Ruffin (3) and Lynne Higgins (2), ended up smashed into the wall after a terrible miss, and he joins both Rob Remaley and Charlie Clayton who combined for fourteen hits with Corson and McCrory taking three each.

It's fourteen finals on the year for Lynne Higgins with her eighth in eleven weeks. Starting out with a short stall Higgins went on to strike Garrett, Redden and Corson before Remaley took a pair. A return to Redden and Remaley led into Malbrough, then Ramage twice, taking punishment. In return she rode ten hits with her final two victims sandwiching her at the end.

After so long without an appearance this season Bill Malbrough makes it back-to-back finals, with Joe Ramage making it thirteen. Malbrough spent a lot of the fourteen minute contest chasing after Ramage striking him six times, with Higgins and McCrory taking a pair each, all while his final opponent was merrily carving through the whole pack as only Clayton (3) and Remaley (2) experiencing multiple attacks. In the end it was the sixth hit from Malbrough while Ramage was stalled that caused both vehicles to call it day, resulting in Malbrough picking up his first ever point; Ramage in comparison earns his one-hundred-and-twenty-second.

Race Result
1. Joe Ramage
1. Bill Malbrough
3. Lynne Higgins
4. Charlie Clayton
5. Rob Remaley
6. John McCrory
7. Chris Henton
8. Steven Redden
9. Phillip Ruffin
10. Randy Corson
11. Ricky Grimes
12. Dick Garrett

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