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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Player of the Game Hockey - 1967/68 Stanley Cup Finals Preview

Montreal Canadiens (8-6) vs Philadelphia Flyers (8-5)
Nov. 4th 1967, Philadelphia 0-3 Montreal (Duff, Backstrom, T Harris)
Nov. 5th 1967, Montreal 1-3 Philadelphia (Duff;; Selby, Sutherland, Dornhoefer)
Jan. 11th 1968, Montreal 1-0 Philadelphia (Laperriere)
Feb. 7th 1968, Philadelphia 0-3 Montreal (Lamaire, Rousseau, Provost)

The teams are finally set and the very short history between the teams has been examined and then thrown away as the playoffs do not care how things went during the regular season as Montreal's hard road to the finals after running away with the league can show.

The Flyers had one less game in their playoff debut but managed to register more goals than the Canadiens with forty-nine to the Hab's forty-six. Against a rough and tumble team like Philadelphia the Canadiens will be hoping for plenty of opportunities to utilise a powerplay that has gone 9-for-48 (18.75%) in the postseason; the Flyers not too shabby at 5-for-31 (16.10%).

Both teams have a single shorthanded goal in the playoffs as the PK units of both teams shut down a lot of opponent PP chances with Philadelphia's percentage at 82.6% (38/46) and Montreal at 88.00% (44/50)

Both Flyer netminders earned a shutout while Montreal had no clean sheets in the previous rounds, and Philadelphia also bring a superior goals against average (2.38 vs 3.00) and save percentage (.914 vs .901) into the series.

Scoring leaders
MON Beliveau (9)
PHI Sutherland (8)
MON Cournoyer (6)
MON G Tremblay (6)
PHI Rochefort (6)

MON Lamaire (9)
MON Rousseau (9)
PHI Angotti (7)
PHI JC Watson (6)

MON Beliveau (15)
MON Rousseau (13)
PHI Sutherland (12)
PHI Rochefort (11)
PHI Angotti (10)
PHI Dornhoefer (10)
MON Ferguson (10)
MON Lamaire (10)

Penalty Minutes:
MON Ferguson (51)
PHI Dornhoefer (24)
PHI Van Impe (19)
MON Harper (18)

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