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Friday, 17 May 2013

Controlled Chaos - Bluegrass Derby, Consolation Heat

Bluegrass Derby - Louisville, KY
Consolation Heat
Leo May, Timmy Barnes, Will Murphy, Jamie Eilers, Ed Smith, Steven Redden, Jason Ingle, John McCrory, Bambi Rogers, Norm Gibson, Charlie Clayton, Andy Bing (inj)

Andy Bing was unable to participate in the second chance race and the fourteen-time finalist, who just moved into second place in the standings with two wins in three weeks (Ohio Derby, Golden Gate Invitational), matching his victories in Idaho and Indy, is expected to miss out entirely in next week's event.

The eleven car dash started with five minutes of action before the first elimination came when Jamie Eilers (1st Summer Sizzler, 1st Summer National Derby) fails to make it three finals in a row (10th Mile High Open, 7th Golden Gate) as he found himself in a vulnerable spot after getting locked bumper to bumper with Ed Smith.

Norm Gibson (1st Lobster Nationals, 1st Texas Nationals) cannot make it thirteen finals in sixteen weeks as, after putting in the hit that separated Eilers and Smith, was paid back in kind by Smith before John McCrory finished the job, and Leo May (4th Wisconsin Invitational, 4th Idaho Invitational, 2nd Indy Nationals) looked a threat until Timmy Barnes caught him off guard and Charlie Clayton moved in for the kill with a double-tap.

Will Murphy (2nd Tampa Open, 3rd Spring Fling Derby, 3rd Idaho, 3rd Big Apple Smash Up) continues to struggle and drop down the standings with three finals in the past fourteen weeks. His latest exit coming after seven hits on his car, the final blow coming from Barnes who showed no mercy towards Murphy when he was stuck, instead seeking revenge for two hits beforehand.

Steven Redden (Tied-2nd Valentine's Day Massacre, 3rd Indy) misses his ninth final in a row taking it McCroryand May twice each after surviving a very early blindside hit from Ingle, and Ed Smith (11th Texas, 7th Ohio Derby, 4th Mile High) ran over Gibson before his lock-up with Eilers delayed his attacking plan that ultimately come unstuck on his own over-exuberance as he only took three hits.

John McCrory (3rd Seattle Derby, 4th Summer National, 2nd Ohio) misses a third straight final thanks to a stall caused by a lot of attention on him as Barnes, Smith, and Redden all doubled up on the ten-time finalist, and Bambi Rogers (6th Arkansas Derby, 11th Bryan Family Open) ends in the unlucky fourth spot for the second time in Louisville as she crunched into Charlie Clayton killing her own chances in one blow. She would not have got this far if she had not re-fired a long stall at the very start of the consolation heat.

The results means that Timmy Barnes qualifies for the first time in fifteen weeks, his third appearance this year, but only barely as he stalled at the very end and time was fast running out when Rogers was eliminated. He is joined by Jason Ingle for his tenth final and Charlie Clayton for his ninth. The former proving that a strong team is not always needed, just a bit of luck and smart preparation, as he became an indiscriminate attacker mowing his way through the pack, and Clayton taking to Murphy and May above all others.

Race Result
Q. Timmy Barnes
Q. Jason Ingle
Q. Charlie Clayton
4. Bambi Rogers
5. John McCrory
6. Ed Smith
7. Steven Redden
8. Will Murphy
9. Leo May
10. Norm Gibson
11. Jamie Eilers
12. Andy Bing (inj)

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