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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Player of the Game Hockey - NHL 1967/68, Playoff Preview

Eastern Division
Montreal Canadiens (1) vs Boston Bruins (3)
Oct. 15th 1967, Montreal 2-4 Boston (H Richard [2];; Sanderson, Hodge, Esposito, Williams)
Oct. 21st 1967, Boston 1-5 Montreal (Hodge;; Cournoyer, Lamaire, G Trembley, Beliveau, Savard)
Nov. 25th 1967, Boston 3-5 Montreal (Hodge, Esposito, Lonsberry;; Lamaire [3], Cournoyer, Provost)
Dec. 3rd 1967, Montreal 3-4 Boston (Lamaire, G Tremblay [2];; Hodge, Bucyk [3])
Dec, 13th 1967, Montreal 2-4 Boston (H Richard, Duff;; Williams, D Smith, Westfall, Hodge)
Jan. 13th 1968, Boston 3-2 Montreal (H Richard, Rousseau;; Lonsberry, McKenzie [2])
Jan. 25th 1968, Montreal 6-3 Boston (Lamaire [2], JC Tremblay, Cournoyer [2], Redmond;; Orr, Krake, Avery)
Jan. 27th 1968, Boston 1-3 Montreal (Krake; Beliveau, Backstrom, Duff)
Mar. 17th 1968, Montreal 7-3 Boston (Cournoyer, Backstrom [2], Duff, G Tremblay, Savard, JC Tremblay;; Orr, Sather, Hodge)
Mar. 30th 1968, Boston 4-6 Montreal (Esposito, Westfall, Stanfield, Shack;; Rousseau [2], Ferguson, Lapierriere, Cournoyer [2])

Montreal won the season series six games to four. Lamaire (MON, 7), Cournoyer (MON, 6) and Hodge (BOS, 6) scored the most goals as the Canadiens outscored their opponents 41-30.

Detroit Red Wings (2) vs Toronto Maple Leafs (4)
Oct. 18th 1967, Detroit 1-4 Toronto (F Smith;; Keon, Ellis, Walton, Oliver)
Nov. 2nd 1967, Toronto 5-2 Detroit (Walton [2], F Mahovlich, Armstrong, Ellis;; Delvecchio, G Jarrett)
Nov. 25th 1967, Detroit 1-4 Toronto (Henderson;; Walton, Keon [2], F Mahovlich)
Nov.30th 1967, Toronto 3-3 Detroit (Carleton, Walton, Ellis;; G Jarrett [2], Howe)
Dec. 23rd 1967, Detroit 5-2 Toronto (T Hampson, Howe [2], F Smith, Prentice;; Oliver, F Mahovlich)
Dec. 25th 1967, Toronto 2-4 Detroit (Ellis, Keon;; F Smith, G Jarrett, Henderson, P Mahovlich)
Jan. 10th 1968, Detroit 2-3 Toronto (Bergman [2];; Pappin, F Mahovlich, Oliver)
Jan. 21st 1968, Toronto 4-2 Detroit (Pulford, Walton, Keon, Conacher;; P Mahovlich, MacGregor)
Mar. 9th 1968, Detroit 4-4 Toronto (Prentice, Howe [2], Ullman;; Conacher, Ellis [2], Pappin)
Mar. 21st 1968, Toronto 0-2 Detroit (G Jarrett, Ullman)

Toronto took the series with five wins and two ties. Ellis (TOR, 6), Walton (TOR, 5) Keon (TOR, 5) G Jarrett (DET, 5) Howe (DET, 5) the top scorers. Detroit were outscored 31-26.

Western Division
St Louis Blues (1) vs Pittsburgh Penguins (3)
Oct. 13th 1967, Pittsburgh 2-2 St Louis (Schinkel, Fonteyne;; McKenney, R Stewart)
Oct. 14th 1967, St Louis 3-3 Pittsburgh (Sabourin [2]. St Marseille;; Konik, MacNeil, Dea)
Nov. 11th 1967, St Louis 2-1 Pittsburgh (D Moore, Berenson;; Bathgate)
Nov. 18th. 1967, Pittsburgh 3-5 St Louis (Bathgate, Schinkel, K McCreary;; J Roberts, N Picard, Cameron, McKenney [2])
Dec. 29th 1967, Pittsburgh 2-2 St Louis (Rivard, K McCreary;; Melnyk, Sabourin)
Jan. 31st 1968, Pittsburgh 1-3 St Louis (Stratton;; B McCreary, McKenney, Arbour)
Feb. 1st 1968, St Louis 2-4 Pittsburgh (Sabourin, McKenney;; Boivin, Price, Speer, McDonald)
Feb. 16th 1968, St Louis 4-2 Pittsburgh (Ecclestone, McKenney, B McCreary, Cameron;; Ubriaco, Stratton)
Mar. 6th 1968, Pittsburgh 2-6 St Louis (Konik, Andrea;; Berenson, R Stewart, J Roberts, Melnyk, Schock, Crisp)
Mar. 20th 1968, St Louis 1-3 Pittsburgh (B McCreary;; Bathgate [2], Boivin)

Five wins and three ties saw the Blues claim victory over their ten games with Pittsburgh as the Penguins blew leads in almost every game. McKenney (StL, 6), Sabourin (StL, 4), Bathgate (PIT, 4) led the way as St Louis scored more goals by a 30-23 margin.

Philadelphia Flyers (2) vs Los Angeles Kings (4)
Oct. 14th 1967, Philadelphia 3-4 Los Angeles (Blackburn, Sutherland, Hicks;; Labossierre, White, McDonald, Joyal)
Nov. 26th 1967, Los Angeles 1-5 Philadelphia (B Smith;; Kennedy [2], Gauthier, Dornhoefer, Hannigan)
Dec. 8th 1967, Philadelphia 10-4 Los Angeles (Kennedy, LaForge, Hannigan [3], Rochefort [2], Hoekstra, Sutherland, J Johnson;; Robinson, Irvine, Flett, Menard)
Dec. 30th 1967, Philadelphia 5-3 Los Angeles (LaForge, Sutherland, Lacroix [2], Hoekstra;; Gray, Flett, R Lemieux)
Dec. 31st 1967, Los Angeles 0-1 Philadelphia (Miszuk)
Jan. 28th 1968, Los Angeles 3-6 Philadelphia (Campbell, Joyal, L MacDonald;; Sutherland, Dornhoefer, Hannigan, Rochefort [2], Peters)
Feb. 16th 1968, Philadelphia 1-6 Los Angeles (Sutherland;; Irvine [2], Gray, Flett, Joyal, R Lemieux)
Feb. 29th 1968, Los Angeles 4-2 Philadelphia (Labossierre, Joyal, Irvine, B Smith;; Selby, Angotti)
Mar. 14th 1968, Los Angeles 3-2 Philadelphia (Irvine, Labossierre [2];; Rochefort, Sutherland)
Mar. 23rd 1968, Philadelphia 1-4 Los Angeles (Rochefort;; B Smith, R Lemieux, Irvine, Robinson)

After losing the opening game of the series the Flyers took five in a row before Los Angeles ended with four straight. Sutherland (PHI, 6), Rochefort (PHI, 6), Irvine (LAK, 6) Hannigan (PHI, 5) scored the most as Philadelphia scored thirty-six to the Kings' thirty-two.

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