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Friday, 24 May 2013

Player of the Game Hockey - NHL 1967/68 Playoff QFs, April 11th

Thursday 11th April 1968
East Division
Montreal Canadiens @ Boston Bruins Game #4
Boston earn a stay of execution to extend the series against Montreal by at least another game, but they had to work hard for it. Esposito (4) gave the Bruins a one goal midway through both the first and second periods before sealing the win early in the third with his hat-trick goal.

Montreal went with Vachon in goal for the game they hoped would seal their path into the next round but his team only let loose twenty-two shots on Boston's Cheevers, their lowest total in the series. The Canadiens big stars failed to impress and it was left up to the supporting cast of Laperriere (1) and Harris (1) to tie the game in both periods, but not one among the visitors had an answer to Green's (2) game-winning goal despite the continued poor discipline of the Boston Bruins.

1st 2nd 3rd OT F
MON @ 1 1 0
1 2 1

MON Vachon (0-1-0 .875 4.00) 28/32, Powerplay 0/8
BOS Cheevers (1-3-0 .881 3.50) 20/22, Powerplay 2/6

First Period
BOS Esposito (2) Shack, Hodge 11:04
MON Laperriere (1) Backstrom, JC Tremblay 13:22
Second Period
BOS PPG Esposito (3) Shack 9:17
MON Harris (1) Rousseau 10:08
BOS Green (2) Bucyk, Stanfield 14:30
Third Period
BOS PPG Esposito (4) Hodge 4:28

Montreal leads the best-of-seven series 3-1

Detroit Red Wings @ Toronto Maple Leafs Game #3
With fifteen shots and three goals in both the first and third periods Toronto provide six of the best and take a 3-0 series lead over Detroit with Keon (2) leading the charge on his first two goals of these playoffs, including the game-winner 13:48 in the first period.

Walton (1) also opened his postseason account, tying the game 1:30 after K Douglas (1) had opened the game's scoring at 3:13 in the first period, and that started a run of four goals without answer with Ellis (3), Keon,  and F Mahovlich (2) getting their shots past Edwards. Ullman (2) stopped the bleeding, his unassisted goal making it 4-2, but Keon's second was followed by Conacher (3) scoring in a third straight game and guaranteed another Leaf win.

1st 2nd 3rd OT F
DET @ 1 0 1
3 0 3

DET Edwards (0-3-0 .850 5.00) 30/36, Powerplay 0/0
TOR Bower (3-0-0 .920 2.33) 28/30, Powerplay 0/0

First Period
DET K Douglas (1) Howe, Prentice 3:13
TOR Walton (1) Ellis 4:43
TOR Ellis (3) unassisted 7:25
TOR Keon (1) Pappin 13:48
Second Period
No Scoring
Third Period
TOR F Mahovlich (2) Walton, Ellis 1:50
DET Ullman (2) unassisted 7:22
TOR Keon (2) unassisted 10:56
TOR Conacher (3) Stanley, Armstrong 15:04

Toronto leads the best-of-seven series 3-0

West Division
St Louis Blues @ Pittsburgh Penguins Game #4
Game four started where the last left off as Roberts of the Blues was quick to drop his gloves, this time taking on Bathgate who would later go on to fight Bob Plager. A scoreless first period led into a period that belonged to the Penguins as they took a 2-0 off goals from Fonteyne (3) and McDonald (3), out-shooting St Louis twenty to four in the process.

The Blues continued to generate little threat on Binkley's goal in the third but managed to make it 2-1 with under three minutes left when St Marseille (1) finished a nice passing play. The Pens were able to play good shutdown hockey and become the first team to win a playoff series this year with a clean sweep of the top seeded St Louis Blues.

Stratton led the team in points with two goals and two assists, but the MVP of the series surely goes to Binkley who earned a shutout and conceded just four games on one-hundred-and-seven shots. Only Melynk (1+1) had more than a single point throughout the series for St Louis.

1st 2nd 3rd OT F
StL @ 0 0 1
0 2 0

StL Hall (0-4-0 .912 3.00) 36/38, Powerplay 0/5
PIT Binkley (4-0-0 .963 1.00) 16/17, Powerplay 1/3

First Period
Fight StL Roberts vs Bathgate 14:02
Second Period
PIT Fonteyne (3) Boivin, Rivard 2:13
PIT PPG McDonald (3) Stratton 6:41
Third Period
Fight StL Bob Plager vs Bathgate 9:59
StL St Marseille (1) Bob Plager, Melnyk 17:20

Pittsburgh win the best-of-seven series 4-0. The St Louis Blues are eliminated.

Philadelphia Flyers @ Los Angeles Kings Game #4
After taking game one in such convincing fashion many expected the Flyers to kick on and take the series, but Los Angeles were able to collect themselves thanks in part to changing goaltenders between the first two games and Rutledge was on fine form again.

Only facing fifty-three shots through his three starts compared with Sawchuk's thirty-six in a single game, Rutledge only let one of the the fifteen shots on the day past him when JC Watson (1) scored in the final minute of period number one.

The Kings took the lead at 6:56 when Irvine (2) made sure of his chance on the powerplay, and the Kings didn't let a little thing like momentum at the end of the period phase them as they totally dominated the Flyers in the second frame with fifteen shots to three. Gray (2) with his second GWG, Flett (2), and Menard (1) all found the twine, leading a final period that had six shots between both teams.

1st 2nd 3rd OT F
PHI @ 1 0 0
1 3 0

PHI Parent (1-3-0 .888 3.25)22/26, Powerplay 0/3
LAK Rutledge (3-0-0 .921 1.25) 14/15, Powerplay 1/1

First Period
LAK PPG Irvine (2) Wall, White 6:56
PHI Watson (1) Blackburn, Miszuk 19:04
Second Period
LAK Gray (2) unassisted 5:28
LAK Flett (2) Joyal 11:41
LAK Menard (1) B Smith 17:22
Third Period
No Scoring

Los Angeles leads the best-of-seven series 3-1

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