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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Controlled Chaos - Fall Nationals, Heat Two

Fall Nationals - Bristol, TN
Heat Two
Jason Ingle, Darrell Andresen, Matt Welliver, Bob Alexander, Danny Krol, Bambi Rogers, Ricky Grimes, Jamie Eilers, Randy Corson, Joe Ramage, Lynne Higgins, Will Thompson

Bambi Rogers was taking no prisoners from the off as she started out by climbing up and over the car of Joe Ramage (1st Valentine's Day Massacre, 1st Bryan Family Open) leaving the four-time runner-up free of injury but missing his fourteenth final in twenty, and Bob Alexander (6th Arizona Derby, 3rd Lobster Nationals, 9th Texas Nationals) got nowhere fast and was soon counted out for his stall.

Danny Krol (4th Jersey Derby, 3rd Summer Sizzler, 1st Hickory Derby) can't make it three finals in a row after Lynne Higgins rammed him into the barriers where he would remain, and ninth place went to Jason Ingle (Tied-5th Lobster, 7th Louisiana Invitational, 3rd Mile High Open) misses out on the eighth final in his last ten tries after six different opponents struck him.

The final competitor to end his event here was Ricky Grimes (3rd Jersey, 3rd Texas, 1st Louisiana) who was sandwiched by the two female entrants to finish off what Eilers started on the blindside, but Grimes was otherwise untouched as he led himself to his own demise.

Will Thompson delivered eight hits on his way into the consolation heat along with Jamie Eilers and his nine shots that included a pair of blindsiders, Darrell Andresen who was keenest to get at Eilers and Welliver, and Bambi Rogers who survived a lengthy stall before she was caught out twice to knock her out in fourth place.

After laying six hits on seven opponents Randy Corson needed a small fire extinguished at the end of the heat only to then bounce off Rogers and careen into the wall for a third place finish and an eighth final on the year.

That left Lynne Higgins and Matt Welliver dueling it out for the heat victory on their way to their thirteenth and eleventh finals respectively. Higgins had gone through Krol, Grimes, Andresen thrice, and Corson before taking on both Welliver with three hits and Thompson with two. The final hit to Welliver resulted in a harsh disqualification being handed down from race officials.

Matt Welliver was not complaining though as he is happy to take his fourth heat victory this year with some luck as he knew Higgins was all over him in the finale. Rogers (4) and Corson (2) took up the bulk of his ten hits with Higgins, Ingle, Thompson and Eilers all receiving one shot each.

Race Result
1. Matt Welliver
2. Lynne Higgins
3. Randy Corson
4. Bambi Rogers
5. Darrell Andresen
6. Jamie Eilers
7. Will Thompson
8. Ricky Grimes
9. Jason Ingle
10. Danny Krol
11. Bob Alexander
12. Joe Ramage

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