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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Controlled Chaos - Fall Nationals, Heat One

Fall Nationals - Bristol, TN
Heat One
Reggie Banks, Ed Smith, Chris Henton, Steven Redden, Rob Remaley, Billy Edgington, Bill Malbrough, Sam Harbin, Dick Garrett, John Ruiz, Darryl Lozier, John McCrory

It was a very short return for Rob Remaley (3rd Ides of March, 4th Seattle Derby, Tied-4th Summer Sizzler Derby) as he was involved in a big three-way collision with Billy Edginton and Bill Malbrough in the opening seconds. Both Remaley and Edgington (9th Firecracker Open) were forced to retire due to fires starting in both vehicles, but Malbrough escaped the worst and lives to fight on.

Everyone else continued for at least six minutes before Dick Garrett (6th Ides, 7th Wisconsin Invitational, 5th Seattle) was eliminated by John Ruiz who poached the final hit after Redden (2) and Harbin (3) did all the hard work, and then Sam Harbin (2nd Arizona Derby, 5th Ohio Derby, 2nd Mile High Open) had Redden turn on him, joining forces with Reggie Banks to get the elimination.

Bill Malbrough has four rounds remaining to qualify for a final this year as his triple attack on McCrory was in vain thanks to his favourite victim sandwiching him with help from Banks, but Ed Smith gains a place in the consolation heat, stalling out after going for Harbin three times.

Smith is joined by his final target Chris Henton who became stuck on that same hit, Steven Redden who was blindsided by McCrory who in turn suffered a stall allowing Lozier to swoop in for the kill.

That means it's a twenty-first final appearance for the title leading Darryl Lozier who showcased his survival skills by taking eleven hits before he finally went down. Blindsided twice by McCrory and once by Henton he was also hounded by Harbin, all of which resulted in Lozier getting off his game as he only delivered six shots, the last of which decided the heat. 

Reggie Banks qualifies for a fifth final in ten tries but he very nearly failed to get anywhere after starting with a very long stall he barely managed to re-fire in time. Smith, Malbrough, McCrory (2) and Harbin (2) were all victims but it was Lozier with a blindside attack then a final shot that resulted in both men calling it quits.

This all results in John Ruiz taking his third heat win of the season on his way to an eighth final, but just his third in eighteen weeks. Redden, Henton, and Banks twice were all struck by Ruiz but it was Lozier all bared the brunt of four attacks with the final three coming in quick succession at the end. Ruiz was also his own enemy with two very bad misses that resulted in severe damage midway through the eleven minute contest, but he carried on with aplomb to take the win.

Race Result 
1. John Ruiz
2. Reggie Banks
2. Darryl Lozier
4. John McCrory
5. Steven Redden
6. Chris Henton
7. Ed Smith
8. Bill Malbrough
9. Sam Harbin
10. Dick Garrett
11. Rob Remaley
11. Billy Edgington

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