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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Arrows at Gold - London 2012 Olympics, Women's Individual 1/8 Elimination Round Results

Three of the final sixteen had little trouble in booking their spots for the quarterfinals. Ksenia Perova, Ming Cheng and Sung Jin Lee all won in straight sets with Lee hitting seven tens, including a clean sweep in the second set. The Japanese women had a tough day with only Ren Hayakawa surviving out of the three competitors, and she needed a fourth set to see off Ukraine's Sichenikova; Kanie lost in four to Mexico's Aida Roman and Kawanaka tied the final set, one point away from completing her comeback from 5-1 down to Jessica Tomasi of Italy.

Women's Individual 1/8 Elimination results:
Ren Hayakawa (JPN) def. Lidia Sichenikova (UKR) 26-26, 26-23, 26-25, 28-27
Ksenia Perova (RUS) def. Yuting Fang (CHN) 27-25, 28-27, 27-25

Jessica Tomasi (ITA) def. Kaori Kawanaka (JPN) 29-27, 29-23, 25-25, 26-27, 27-27
Ming Cheng (CHN) def. Khatuna Lorig (USA) 26-23, 27-24, 29-25

Kateryna Palekha (UKR) def. Ya-Ting Tan (TPE) 26-28, 26-24, 27-26, 26-23
Aida Roman (MEX) def. Miki Kanie (JPN) 26-29, 27-26, 27-23, 29-26

Kristina Timofeeva (RUS) def. Carina Christiansen (DEN) 28-27, 23-24, 28-27, 30-22
Sung Jin Lee (KOR) def. Chekrovlu Swuro (IND) 29-27, 30-26, 29-26

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