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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Arrows at Gold - London 2012 Olympics, Women's Individual Quarterfinal Results

The final four are now decided but none of them had it easy. Jessica Tomasi of Italy was tied at 2-2 after two sets but finished off with 10-10-9 in the final sets to knock out China's Ming Cheng. She will play Ren Hayakawa who edged out Russian Ksenia Perova. The Japanese archer was 4-2 up after three sets with the final two sets tied to give Hayakawa victory.

On the other side of the draw it was a hard slog for Sung Jin Lee as she dropped the first and last sets leaving her to win through the shoot-off; Kristina Timofeva hit a seven but Lee struck the eight. Her semifinal opponent is Mexico's Aida Roman who started out 1-3 after two sets before her consistency beat down the challenge of Ukrainian Kateryna Palekha.

Women's Individual Quarterfinal results:
Ren Hayakawa (JPN) def. Ksenia Perova (RUS) 29-26, 26-25, 25-26, 27-27, 28-28
Jessica Tomasi (ITA) def. Ming Cheng (CHN) 28-24, 24-28, 29-27, 29-26

Aida Roman (MEX) def. Kateryna Palekha (UKR) 27-27, 24-27, 26-24, 27-25, 26-26
Sung Jin Lee (KOR) def. Kristina Timofeeva (RUS) 24-27, 26-25, 27-27, 28-25, 26-28 (6-5)

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