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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Arrows at Gold - London 2012 Olympics, Women's Individual Medal

The women;s individual event closes out with a pair of five set thrillers. The battle for the bronze medal went back and forth between Aida Roman and Jessica Tomasi with the Italian shooting a perfect first set. Roman tied it at 2two points each with a 10-10-9 scoreline, just edging Tomasi's 9-9-10. Both archers had a wild shot in the third set with Tomasi's seven just beating out her Mexican opponents six for a 4-2 lead.

Two tens from the Italian was not quite enough to close it out in the fourth as a shot landing in the seven only tied the set, but Tomasi stayed ahead 5-3. Roman was able to force a shoot-off with a trio of nines in the final set, Tomasi improved as the finale wore on but her opening shot of another seven cost her. So the difference between a medal and nothing would be decided by a single shot. Both women hit the nine but one arrow was clearly closer to the centre than the other meaning that Aida Roman was Olympic Bronze medalist.

In the final it all Ren Hayakawa and Sunj Jin Lee fired home fifteen bullseyes between them but Lee enjoyed the better start with four tens in the opening two sets, Hayakawa able to match her opponent 9-10-10 in the second to claim a point and was 1-3 down.

The Japanese archer was able to replicate her second set score in the third while Lee hit her only eight of the match for a 3-3 scoreline. Momentum turned back to the Korean at the start of the fourth, her 10-9-9 beating Hayakawa's 7-9-9 for a 5-3 advantage heading into the final set where both women again fell just shy of the perfect round meaning a point each gives Sung Jin Lee the Gold medal.

Women's Individual Bronze Medal Match
Aida Roman (MEX) def. Jessica Tomasi (ITA) 28-30, 29-28, 24-26, 27-27, 27-26 (6-5)

Women's Individual Gold Medal Match
Sung Jin Lee (KOR) def. Ren Hayakawa (JPN) 29-26, 29-29, 27-29, 28-25, 29-29

Gold: Sung Jin Lee (KOR)
Silver: Ren Hayakawa (JPN)
Bronze: Aida Roman (MEX)

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