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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Basho Fury - 1981 Aki, Makuuchi Day Nine

Monday September 21st 1981
Tokyo, Kuramae Kokugokan

Both Ozustu and Kurama have failed to show much consistency in the Aki but today they put on a memorable contest that could be the match of the year. The skill and reflexes were at their peak as both men performed move and counter-move before, after several minutes including a break to take on water, Ozutsu is able to gain momentum and drive Kurama out of the ring.

Aobajo wins his second in as many days after fighting through a five day losing streak, defeating Azumanada who has not been able to replicate his performance in the previous basho. Oshio joins Wakanohana on 7-2 as the latter gets the win leaving Kotokaze on his second four-day winning run in the Aki as Kitanoumi's closest challenger.

(93) Kitanoumi (9-0) def. (79) Takanosato (4-5) by yoritaoshi
(77) Wakanohana (7-2) def. (61) Oshio (7-2) by uwatenage
(81) Kotokaze (8-1) def. (59) Onishiki (3-6) by yorikiri
(78) Asashio (8-1) def. (68) Dewanohana (4-5) by oshidashi
(75) Ozutsu (4-5) Def. (69) Kurama (3-6) by yorikiri

(69) Hokutenyu (4-5) def. (52) Kotochitose (5-4) by shitatenage
(64) Tochihikari (3-6) def. (67) Kirinji (2-7) by yorikiri
(71) Tochiakagi (7-2) def. (65) Daijuyama (5-4) by kirikaeshi
(64) Wakashimazu (3-6) def. (54) Banryuyama (4-5) by shitatenage

(59) Masudayama (5-4) def. (59) Zaonishiki (2-7) by yorikiri
(51) Toryu (7-2) def. (10*) Washuyama (0-9) by oshidashi
(52) Aobajo (4-5) def. (63) Azumanada (6-3) by sukuinage
(58) Hidanohana (7-2) def. (67) Sadanoumi (3-6) by uwatenage

(45) Hakuryuyama (4-5) def. (39) Shishiho (4-5) by tsukiotoshi
(40) Kotowaka (2-7) def. (38) Fujizakura (3-6) by yorikiri
(52) Amanoyama (3-6) def. (49) Aobayama (1-8) by oshidashi
(54) Kaiki (5-4) def. (50) Iwanami (4-5) by uwatedashinage

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