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Monday, 25 June 2012

Basho Fury - 1981 Kyushu, Juryo Day One

Sunday November 8th 1981
Fukuoka, Fukuoka International

In addition the mass changes in promotion and demotion, there were three retirees in the Juryo class. Daio, Tamanofuji and Arase all call it a day.  The new faces moving up from the Makushita are Hoshiiwato, Kinoarashi, Tagaryu, Tengozan, Tochimatoi, and Wakanofuji, they replace the demoted Kotetsuyama, Nishinofuji, Tamakiyama, and Yamaguchi.

Shinko starts off on the right foot by getting a win over the former Makuuchi wrestler Amanoyama, and two-time basho champion in the Juryo Saisu also wins on opening day, beating out Oko.

(41) Shinko (1-0) def. (52) Amanoyama (0-1) by hatakikomi
(51) Toryu (1-0) def. (45) Wakajishi (0-1) by yorikiri
(45) Hakuryuyama (1-0) def. (39) Shishiho (0-1) by oshidashi
(46) Kurosegawa (1-0) def. (40) Hakuryu (0-1) by oshidashi

(41) Oyutaka (1-0) def. (45) Kurohimeyama (0-1) by yorikiri
(40) Tamaryu (1-0) def. (40) Kotowaka (0-1) by uwatenage
(41) Tochitsurugi (1-0) def. (36) Fukuzono (0-1) by oshidashi
(38) Saisu (1-0) def. (34) Oko (0-1) by yorikiri

(37) Kinoarashi (1-0) def. (36) Wakanofuji (0-1) by yorikiri
(42) Tengozan (1-0) def. (21) Hoshiiwato (0-1) by hatakikomi
(29) Tagaryu (1-0) def. (35) Futatsuryu (0-1) by uwatenage
(34) Daigo (1-0) def. (10*) Tochimatoi (0-1) by shitatenage

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