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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Controlled Chaos - Louisiana Invitational, Heat One

Louisiana Invitational - New Orleans, LA
Heat One
Phillip Ruffin, Randy Tondreau, Jason Ingle, Chris Henton, Lynne Higgins, Steven Redden, Dick Garrett, Tom Gariepy

The day started out with a disqualification after Lynne Higgins' hit on Steven Redden was judged harshly by derby officials, possibly based on Higgins' reputation for DQ exits - and the four time fifth place finisher has just one final appearance in her last nine events - but that was the only dismissal in the opening five minutes.

The smaller arena was making for some frantic action where someone was always in another driver's way. After Redden and Randy Tondreau being hit a combined five times in the opening minute there was a lull in the action as four different cars all stalled at the same time: Jason Ingle and Chris Henton re-fired almost immediately but the two popular targets from the first minute were close to ending their days counted out.

Chris Henton, winner of the Spring Fling Derby, was only hit once by Ingle but what a hit it was, crippling his vehicle after his attacks on Tondreau, Tom Gariepy and Dick Garrett, and the latter of his hit-list was next to go in sixth place. Five-time finalist Garrett, who has now made it through the qualification process just once in the last eight events, was sandwiched by Henton and Ingle before his second hit on Tondreau proved to be his undoing.

After gaining his invitation at the expense of an injured Matt Welliver, Phillip Ruffin was unable to make his big break count and add a third final to his resume, elimination coming from a rabid Gariepy while he continued to hound three-time finalist Tondreau who was by far the biggest target out there with ten hits against him to eventually wear him down in fourth place.

Out of the final three only Tom Gariepy could call himself a champion, but the winner of the first invitational this season in Wisconsin ended up suffering for his trio of shots against Ruffin, leaving Ingle and Redden making their way to their sixth and ninth final respectively but not before they decided who would win the heat.

Jason Ingle had been all over Redden for over five minutes, with a quick stopover in Tondreau's personal space breaking up the habit, and Steven Redden, who after surviving his big stall had then gone on to double up on Henton and lay hits on both Ruffin and Gariepy, but when his attention was turned to his remaining opponent he found himself second best.

Race Result
1. Jason Ingle
2. Steven Redden
3. Tom Gariepy
4. Randy Tondreau
5. Phillip Ruffin
6. Dick Garrett
7. Chris Henton
8. Lynne Higgins

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