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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Controlled Chaos - Texas Nationals, Heat One

Texas Nationals - Dallas, TX
Heat One
Jamie Eilers, John Ruiz, Scott Hutchins, Will Murphy, Darrell Andresen, Bob Alexander, John McCrory, Kenny Rose, Joe Ramage, Randy Corson, Norm Gibson, Matt Welliver

Winner of both the Summer Sizzler and Summer National Derby events was disqualified in the opening seconds when Jamie Eilers crunched into the driver's door of Randy Corson, and that was soon followed by another DQ as Scott Hutchins continues to waste his position of third in the standings with a second straight missed final; his hit on Matt Welliver deemed unfair by the officials.

The big names kept falling with eight-time finalist Will Murphy stalling out of any further action and Valentine's Day Massacre champion Joe Ramage taking seven hits in five minute with John Ruiz taking him to task on two occasions.

The drama was not yet over when Matt Welliver was rabid in his pursuit of Ruiz and it was almost inevitable that is exuberance would bring about a big moment, and so it proved to be when their next collision was a monster that left the car of Ides of March winner John Ruiz in flames and Welliver's vehicle smoldering but otherwise fine. Ruiz would call it day through minor injury and this allows Matt Welliver to qualify for the consolation heat.

After such a thrilling first half the second ended in a bang-bang fashion with the next four drivers all exiting the stage within seconds of each other. Darrell Andresen gained no sympathy when he stalled as his five remaining opponents all got their licks in. John McCrory was next to go in fifth place after battles with Andresen and Kenny Rose left their imprints on his engine, and the difference between consolation heat and final was a hit from Bob Alexander on Randy Corson to decide matters.

After that elimination Alexander turned straight into Rose who, after hitting Corson three timesearlier in the heat went for a helpless Norm Gibson who was stalled and helpless. Gibson, who managed to re-fire only to stop for good moments later, only produced six hits in the contest, two of which were on Ruiz, and remains without a heat victory to his name despite qualifying for four of the last five finals. Although he has appeared in two finals. where he finished twelfth in both the Ides of March and Lobster Nationals events, Kenny Rose finally collects his first set of points this season with a debut heat win.

Race Result
1. Kenny Rose
2. Norm Gibson
3. Bob Alexander
4. Randy Corson
5. John McCrory
6. Darrell Andresen
7. Matt Welliver
7. John Ruiz (inj)
9. Joe Ramage
10. Will Murphy
11. Scott Hutchins
12. Jamie Eilers

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