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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Controlled Chaos - SidelineStrategy.com Derby, Heat One

SidelineStrategy.com Derby - St Louis, MO
Heat One
Jess Yates, Jamie Eilers, Charlie Clayton, Will Thompson, Danny Krol, Jason Ingle, Ricky Grimes, Matt Welliver, Billy Edgington, Reggie Banks, Bambi Rogers, Leo May

After three straight finals and a debut win Ricky Grimes (3rd Jersey, 3rd Texas, 1st Louisiana) was pushed against the barrier by Danny Krol and was unable to free himself. Jess Yates (8th Arizona, 7th Jersey, 4th Summer Sizzler) was popular with seven hits against him in three minutes; the biggest of which came when missed his intended target and caught a hard shot on his blindside from Jamie Eilers who then became another victim of the barriers when the Summer Sizzler and Summer National Derby winner beached himself.

Reggie Banks had a mixed but ultimately short day's work, hitting Billy Edgington either side of a big stall before the four hits on him took their toll, and then Edgington was finished off by Will Thompson after he double-dipped on Banks and Jason Ingle.

The merry-go-round continued when Thompson finished in seventh, the thirteen-time finalist delivering eight hits, the final two striking Bambi Rogers who also moves on into the consolation heat, and her favourite target with two consecutive shots was Charlie Clayton who wiped out shortly after taking it to Thompson with three quick hits.

The final competitor to reach the second chance race was Danny Krol as he narrowly missed out on a place in the final by seconds. After two early hits on Yates he went for Clayton, bounced off his vehicles, and became embedded on the track scenery. Unlike earlier competitors Krol was able to free himself and charge straight at his next target only to miss and crash straight into the opposite wall moments before Matt Welliver was eliminated.

Welliver creeps into his seventh final of the season after re-firing a pair of short stalls, laying out four hits and taking six. His aimless strategy seemed to pay off but as mentioned before his elimination, coming as the filling of an Ingle-May sandwich, was seconds after Krol's accident.

Leo May was already heading into his eighth final but was on the hunt for a fourth heat victory. Throwing around nine hits on eight different opponents May was the master of surprise only taking six hits in return - Bambi Rogers the quickest to get on top of his tricks with two hits - but he met his match in Jason Ingle when there was no-one left to hide behind.

Ingle makes it back-to-back finals for the second time this year with his second heat victory but a joint-fifth finish at the Lobster Nationals is his best result to date leaving him floundering around at the bottom of the standings. His eighth final comes through repeat custom by hitting Yates and Banks twice with another three on Welliver. He and May did not come into contact until the very end where Imgle very quickly changed position on his opponent's final blow and left May taking the most damage.

Race Result
1. Jason Ingle
2. Leo May
3. Matt Welliver
4. Danny Krol
5. Charlie Clayton
6. Bambi Rogers
7. Will Thompson
8. Billy Edgington
9. Reggie Banks
10. Jamie Eilers
11. Jess Yates
12. Ricky Grimes

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