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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Controlled Chaos - Louisiana Invitational, Heat Two

Louisiana Invitational - New Orleans, LA
Jess Yates, Rob Remaley, Jamie Eilers, Timmy Barnes, Sam Harbin, Ben Hadsell, Andy Bing, Ricky Grimes,

No early disqualifications in the second heat of the day, just full-on action for four minutes before the first two eliminations. With little room to manoeuvrBen Hadsell, who has five finals in six events with a pair of runner-up spots in his last two, found himself bouncing from one car to another before Andy Bing, laying on the eighth hit against Hadsell, finally put him out of his misery.

Jess Yates found a little more freedom, allowing him to avoid a blindside from Rob Remaley who had succeeded in sneaking up on Hadsell earlier, but two hard collisions with Ricky Grimes ended the three-times finalists day.

Remaley - two finals in seven after six in nine - was looking pretty good before Bing was involved yet again as his strike resulted in a catastrophic stall, and Sam Harbin, who now has one final in his last eight, quickly joined him as a spectator after a second shot from Grimes took him out in the sixth minute.

Double event winner Andy Bing, who had forced himself to the pointy end of the heat, had Timmy Barnes to thank for stalling his engine and putting him out of the race, but it was for naught when Barnes, who has two finals all year, was rambunctiously removed by the tag team of Jamie Eilers and Ricky Grimes.

Grimes makes it three finals in a row where he hopes to make it a third podium finish this season rather than a third eleventh spot. His focus was on Barnes, Harbin and Yates throughout the eleven minute heat, only going up against his final opponent once near the end.

After winning back-to-back events Eilers missed out on the final in Texas but finds his way to the big stage again but a lengthy stall midway through the heat almost cost him any chance of that. Prior to his stoppage the attention was on Hadsell but, after barely avoiding a hit on his blindside, skidded to a halt before re-firing and taking out first Barnes and then Grimes for his second heat win of the year.

Race Result
1. Jamie Eilers
2. Ricky Grimes
3. Timmy Barnes
4. Andy Bing
5. Sam Harbin
6. Rob Remaley
7. Jess Yates
8. Ben Hadsell

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