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Monday, 18 March 2013

Controlled Chaos - SidelineStrategy.com Derby Preview

Both Don Davis and Bobby Gallagher return to the alternate driver rotation as, for the first time since the opening round in Edmonton, every driver is healthy and available with the return of Matt Welliver; he has recovered from the knock that kept him out of the Louisiana Invitational.

The heats have been drawn and all eyes are on the top drivers for round seventeen, and it starts with the winner in New Orleans Ricky Grimes going in the first heat where he'll face off against Will Thompson and Jamie Eilers who both sit in the top four of the standings.

The second heat contains three of the top ten: Joe Ramage (5th), Will Murphy (6th) and Ben Hadsell (9th). The first two have not been to a final in five straight events but Hadsell has been making moves with his recent runner-up finishes at the Summer National Derby and Texas Nationals.

Finally there is a mass of talent in the third and final heat. Championship leader Darryl Lozier will be a big target for his closest rival Scott Hutchins; double event winner Andy Bing; four-time top two finisher in three consecutive rounds Norm Gibson; and winner of the Wisconsin Invitational Tom Gariepy who is desperately trying to get back to a final with just one appearance in the last seven weeks.

And with less than half the season to go there are still five drivers who have yet to qualify for a final. Bambi Rogers, Billy Edgington and Reggie Banks go in heat one; with Bill Malbrough in heat two; Tommy Miller sits out as an alternate driver.

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