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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Controlled Chaos - SidelineStrategy.com Derby, Heat Three

SidelineStrategy.com Derby - St Louis, MO
Heat Three
John McCrory, Andy Bing, Phillip Ruffin, Randy Tondreau, Chris Henton, Lynne Higgins, Tom Gariepy, Scott Hutchins, Norm Gibson, Darryl Lozier, Randy Corson, Steven Redden

While Lynne Higgins was feeling the pressure throughout the opening three minutes, taking six hits in that span, the real heat came when Steven Redden, the six-time top six finisher this season (tied-2nd Valentine's Day Massacre, 3rd Indy Nationals) crashed into Seattle Derby winner and current second place holder in the standings Scott Hutchins for the second time in as many minutes, causing a fire that paused the derby. After the smoke cleared both men were clearly not returning to the action in those vehicles.

Randy Tondreau (6th Tampa Open, 10th Seattle, 12th Jersey Derby) was double-tapped by John McCrory and now has no final appearances in the last seven weeks, and Lynne Higgins has just one final in her last nine (5th Summer Sizzler) after succumbing to her bruising assault.

The eliminations were coming thick and fast and continued when Randy Corson (5th Frostbite, 5th Tampa), who also one final in nine, was blindsided by McCrory before Norm Gibson and Darryl Lozier took notice of the weakest member of the pack and pounced for the kill, ending his heat in eighth.

Phillip Ruffin is still searching for that third final of the season but has another chance to qualify in St Louis after finishing in seventh place, his end coming after a sixth hit on his car, and he is joined in the consolation heat by Wisconsin Invitational champion Tom Gariepy whose second hit on Ruffin led to another fiery exit.

Chris Henton stalled out in fifth after delivering a hit each on Higgins, Lozier, Corson and Ruffin, and standings leader Darryl Lozier misses out on an automatic place in the final with Gibson striking him four times, two of which were revenge after a strong one-two punch from the Canadian.

Andy Bing makes it to his first final in three weeks after a strong performance saw him ride nine hits and deliver seven of his own, and Norm Gibson continues his rich vein of form with a seventh appearance in eight events including four top-two finishes. Bing had twice gone for McCrory and Gibson prior to their becoming a final threesome but they both got revenge with tag-team tactics. Gibson's runner-up place came when McCrory quickly turned on his temporary partner to take his first heat win this season.  

John McCrory laid out a very impressive twelve hits, with three on Bing, two each on Tondreau and Lozier, and a blindside shot on both Gibson and Corson, to reach his sixth final.

Race Result
1. John McCrory
2. Norm Gibson
3. Andy Bing
4. Darryl Lozier
5. Chris Henton
6. Tom Gariepy
7. Phillip Ruffin
8. Randy Corson
9. Lynne Higgins
10. Randy Tondreau
11. Scott Hutchins
11. Steven Redden

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