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Friday, 2 November 2012

Arrows at Gold - London 2012 Olympics, Men's Individual 1/8 Elimination Round

This round featured a wealth of exciting archery with four of them needing a shoot-off to seperate the competitors. China have two athletes in the quarterfinals with Yu Xing and Xiaoxiang Dai defeating Brit Larry Godfrey and American Brady Ellison respectively in four sets. The second remaining British archer, Simon Terry, was also eliminated as Indian Tarundeep Rai swept past him in straight sets.

Markiyan Ivashko, the Ukrainian who has impressed with his two straight sets victories with nine tens including a score of thirty, met his match in the form of Egypt's Ahmed El-Nemr but he came back from a 0-4 scoreline to force the shoot-off where he lost 10 to 7. El-Nemr will face off against Taipei's Cheng-Pang Wang after he emerged victorious from his match with Haziq Kamaruddin, Wang and the Malaysian going back and forth throughout before the entrant from Taipei edged it by less than an inch.

Luis Alvarez and Mauro Nespoli will compete in an all-Mexican quarterfinal as they both took shoot-off wins, with the former coming back from 0-4 down and the latter tying three straight sets against Frenchman Gael Prevost.

Men's Individual 1/8 Elimination results:
Cheng-Pang Wang (TPE) def. Haziq Kamaruddin (MAS) 28-28 25-29 28-26 25-26 27-25 (6-5)
Ahmed El-Nemr (EGY) def. Markiyan Ivashko (UKR) 29-25 29-26 27-27 26-27 23-28 (6-5)
Dmytro Hrachov (UKR) def. Jacob Wukie (USA) 29-28 25-27 27-24 27-28 29-28
Yu Xing (CHN) def. Larry Godfrey (GBR) 28-25 29-28 28-28 28-28

Luis Alvarez (MEX) def. Rafal Dobrowolski (POL) 27-28 25-27 30-25 27-26 28-28 (6-5)
Mauro Nespoli (MEX) def. Gael Prevost (FRA) 25-28 27-25 27-27 26-26 27-27 (6-5)
Xiaoxiang Dai (CHN) def. Brady Ellison (USA) 26-25 28-27 27-28 27-24
Tarundeep Rai (IND) def. Simon Terry (GBR) 28-24 29-24 27-26

                                                  (Click image for larger version)

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