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Friday, 30 November 2012

Controlled Chaos - Tampa Open, Consolation Heat

Tampa Open - Tampa, Florida
Consolation Heat
Norm Gibson, Darryl Lozier, Darrell Andresen, Reggie Banks, Chris Henton, Dick Garrett, Lynne Higgins, Randy Tondreau, Ed Smith, Scott Hutchins, Tom Gariepy

With Joe Ramage receiving treatment for the injuries sustained in his heat there were eleven drivers at the start of the consolation heat, and it was Norm Gibson whose run was shortest as he came off second best in collisions with Smith and Garrett before his coming together with Lozier put him down for good.

The next exit came five minutes in and it led to yet another stoppage, this time it was Reggie Banks who needed medical staff to help him and will certainly miss significant time with a leg injury. Ed Smith was the one who put the final hit on Banks before he too was taken out by a blindside hit from Tom Gariepy.

Chris Henton's hit on Garrett stalled the pair of them but Henton refired only to be eliminated by Darrell Andresen just prior to Garrett being counted out, and Gariepy's early assault on Scott Hutchins, who became a later target for Randy Tondreau, was for naught and both men were finished in sixth and fifth places respectively.

The final driver to miss out on the Tampa Open final was Andresen who put in six hits on five cars before stalling, opening himself up for the coup de grace by Darryl Lozier who makes his second final after finishing third in the Arizona Derby. He will be joined by fellow Canadian Randy Tondreau for his first final appearance and Lynne HIggins who once again was very quiet but made herself known with some hits to help Andresen on his way out, also finishing off Gariepy.

Race Result
Q. Darryl Lozier
Q. Lynne Higgins
Q. Randy Tondreau
4. Darrell Andresen
5. Scott Hutchins
6. Tom Garipey
7. Dick Garrett
8. Chris Henton
9. Ed Smith
10. Reggie Banks
11. Norm Gibson
12. Joe Ramage (DNS)

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