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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Controlled Chaos - The Demolition Derby Game Preview

Controlled Chaos is another game from Joe Bryan, creator of sumo wrestling games Basho Bash and Basho Fury, that is set in the world of demolition derbies. This game will be something unique on my blog because, as far as I am aware, the drivers and events are fictional but I hope it will remain interesting to you all.

UPDATE: The game is now available for FREE ate Joe's own website Sideline Strategy and includes all expansions and drivers. 

Controlled Chaos has a Fast Action Card (FAC) system where cards are drawn for each step of a race. The first card drawn reveals who, if anyone, the driver's target is but it could also report that the driver has missed, stalled, become stuck or must refer to a special event in the separate Chaos deck. The next card resolves the incident. Damage may be done to the target and/or attacker or they may just miss a turn due to one of the other aforementioned options.

The race continues with each driver in turn having a turn with each whole turn lasting about a minute of race time. The drivers are rated on Preparation, Body, Engine and Reputation. The Prep rating is used during a race but it is at it's most important at the beginning of a heat to determine any modifiers they may have to their body and engine ratings. These two ratings are key to the game as once either of them reaches zero or lower they must check on their next turn to see whether or not they can continue in the heat. Finally the Rep rating is an in-race only attribute which can modify FAC results.

The drivers also have a style listed as Mad Man, Kamikaze, Picker and Lurker. In addition to these they may have good awareness and be lucky or unlucky which all have an influence over how much damage they give and receive. My game will feature thirty-six drivers per derby for three heats of twelve where the top three of each qualify for the final and the 4-7 drivers enter a twelve man consolation heat where, again, the top three progress into the final. I have alternate drivers for those who are unable to compete in a derby due to financial or health difficulties.

To round off I will quickly touch on the Chaos deck. This pile of cards provides some rare events that can shake up a derby and even have an effect on the whole season. This incidents range from a fire in the engine to disqualification checks and injuries, some so severe the victim may be out for months.

I hope you enjoy this "replay" through it's mammoth thirty-two event North American season. There should be one derby per week that covers three heats, a consolation and of course the final in addition to points tables and updates on the current roster.

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