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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Controlled Chaos - Frostbite Winter Nationals Final

Frostbite Winter Nationals - Edmonton, Alberta
Danny Krol, Scott Hutchins, Matt Welliver, Rob Remaley, Ben Hadsell, Jamie Eilers, Charlie Clayton, Will Thompson, Jason Ingle, Steven Redden, Darrell Andressen, Randy Corson

The first ever final saw two of the qualifiers from the consolation heat burn out early without taking any points. Jason Ingle was made a victim by Eilers, Andressen, Thompson and the third qualifier from the consolation heat Steve Redden, while Matt Welliver did not even move once the race got under way due to stalling.

Out of the three heat winners Rob Remaley was the first to depart but also the first to score a point in tenth position thanks in part to Scott Hutchins' rabid attention, and he was soon followed by heat one winner Darrell Andressen after missing his intended target and crashing into the wall. Between those exits Danny Krol also had an incident involving the scenery as he was unable to free himself from the barrier he had become caught up on.

The final seven became four in a blink of an eye with Charlie Clayton, who had only been hit once but inflicted his own downfall by coming off second best in many attacks, Steven Redden and Randy Corson all falling by the wayside. The remaining drivers saw Will Thompson finished off before Scott Hutchins was double-teamed until he too was eliminated.

This left heat one runner-up Jamie Eilers and the winner of heat three Ben Hadsell going head to head with an extra five points up for grabs available to the last man standing. Both men had focused on finishing off Hutchins but Eilers had garnered more attention throughout the derby than his remaining opponent and this proved to be the difference earning Hadsell a cool twenty points, in addition to the two he claimed for winning a heat, to start of the season.

Race Result
1. Ben Hadsell
2. Jamie Eilers
3. Scott Hutchins
4. Will Thompson
5. Randy Corson
6. Steven Redden
7. Charlie Clayton
8. Darrell Andressen
9. Danny Krol
10. Rob Remaley
11. Matt Welliver
12. Jason Ingle

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