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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Arrows at Gold - London 2012 Olympics, Men's Individual Medals

After the drubbing both men received in their semifinals Ahmed El-Nemr and Xiaxiang Dai matched up well as they fought it out over the bronze medal. Egyptian El-Nemr started the stronger with a perfect opening set and another pair of tens in the second to take a 4-0 lead. Dai was quite consistent though with one shot, an eight in set number two, outside of the gold rings through the first four sets and this consistency started to pay off when his opponent stuttered on the brink of victory.

Dai had pole position in the third set after hitting all gold and El-Nemr starting off with a seven unable to recover and the Chinese athlete was down 4-2. Dai matched his previous score while his opponent could only improve his loose shot to an eight and for the first time he was unable to hit a ten in a set resulting in a decider.

The final set was full of nerves as both men hit a pair of eights to round out their scores and the only difference came down to their first shots: a nine for Dai and a ten for bronze medalist El-Nemr.

The final was full of great shooting as both archers hit nothing but nines and tens but it was over in a flash. Chinese entrant Yu Xing had only dropped two sets on his way to this final while Luis Alvarez had a tougher route with a pair of five setters including a comeback from 0-4 down in the 1/8 stage so the end result was a little surprising to spectators.

The match opened with the Mexican hitting two tens to Xing's one, a feat repeated in the second set for a 4-0 Alvarez lead. The third set would see Alvarez do it once more leaving Yu Xing settling for a silver medal as he hit all nines to close out the Olympic archery tournament.

Ahmed El-Nemr (EGY) def. Xiaoxiang Dai (CHN) 30-28 28-27 26-28 26-28 26-25

Luis Alvarez (MEX) 28-30 26 def.Yu Xing (CHN) 29-28 29-28 29-27

Gold: Luis Alvarez (MEX)
Silver: Yu Xing (CHN)
Bronze: Ahmed El-Nemr (EGY)

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