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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Controlled Chaos - Tampa Open, Heat 3

Tampa Open - Tampa, Florida
Heat 3
Dick Garrett, Joe Ramage, John McCrory, Scott Hutchins, Phillip Ruffin, Lynne Higgins, Will Thompson, John Ruiz, Jess Yates, Danny Krol, Randy Corson, Rickey Grimes

Lynne Higgins was a popular girl at the start of heat number three as five drivers went straight at her, including Ricky Grimes who mistimed his hit on Higgins and left himself vulnerable to Danny Krol's vicious attack that took Grimes out in the opening minute.

John Ruiz was the next to break down as he hounded a stuck Jess Yates only to be crushed by a series of hits from the pack, and the derby had to be stopped so Danny Krol could be helped from his car after Scott Hutchins rolled him over. Only minor injuries were sustained and Krol should return for the next event.

Another stoppage for potential injury occurred soon after the eliminations of Yates who was successfully targeted eight times, Phillip Ruffin who managed to refire after a long stall but misses out on the consolation heat, and Lynne Higgins who performed quite poorly with two hits in over six minutes, suffering eleven hits against her. The action was then called to a halt when Joe Ramage was hurt on a big hit by Scott Hutchins, where the latter's car went up and over the top, and required medical assistance. Early indications are the injury is quite serious and Ramage will certainly play no part in the consolation heat.

Dick Garrett was a catalyst in the exits of Yates, targeting the ninth place man twice, but he also made heavy contact with Will Thompson on two occasions causing a big stall. Yet it was Arizona Derby winner Thompson who would continue while Garrett charged through as many cars as he could before his fifth place finish.

Another incident brought events to a halt when Scott Hutchins' vehicle caught on fire after he too tried to get at Thompson leaving the final three fighting it out. Thompson finally fell when John McCrory took advantage of him stalling for a second time before Randy Corson did the same to McCrory to take his first heat win of the season.

Race Result
1. Randy Corson
2. John McCrory
3. Will Thompson
4. Scott Hutchins
5. Dick Garrett
6. Joe Ramage (inj)
7. Lynne Higgins
8. Phillip Ruffin
9. Jess Yates
10. Danny Krol
11. John Ruiz
12. Ricky Grimes

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