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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Controlled Chaos - Arizona Derby, Heat 2

Arizona Derby - Mesa, Arizona
Heat 2
Darryl Lozier, John McCrory, Joe Ramage, Lynne Higgins, Tommy Miller, Dick Garrett, Bambi Rogers, Sam Harbin, Randy Corson, Ricky Grimes, Reggie Banks, Don Davis

The second heat featured two replacement drivers and both female competitors and there wasn't nearly as long to wait for the first drivers to fall out as John McCrory was swiftly disqualified for his roughhouse hit on Ramage, and Don Davis had a very brief cameo stalling at the start.

Randy Corson had a lucky touch as the four cars he initiated contact with all made at least the consolation heat, but the attention received from Sam Harbin proved too much ending his race in tenth one spot ahead of Ramage whose earlier incident started a chain of problems to all but guarantee his early demise.

The final driver who would miss out on further action in Mesa would be Dick Garrett who stalled out, resulting in Bambi Rogers, Reggie Banks, Rickey Grimes and Tommy Miller making their way into the consolation heat with Miller getting stuck and Rogers' car catching fire.

Lynne Higgins, who refired from a stall to finish off Rogers, Banks and Miller, was fiercely pursued by eventual heat winner Darryl Lozier, hitting her four times in quick succession. Lozier then survived an onslaught from Harbin to take the two points.

Race Result
1. Darryl Lozier
2. Sam Harbin
3. Lynne Higgins
4. Tommy Miller
5. Rickey Grimes
6. Reggie Banks
7. Bambi Rogers
8. Dick Garrett
9. Joe Ramage
10. Randy Corson
11. Don Davis
12. John McCrory

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