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Friday, 23 November 2012

Controlled Chaos - Arizona Derby, Consolation Heat

Arizona Derby - Mesa, Arizona
Consolation Heat
Bambi Rogers, Bob Alexander, Jason Ingle, Tommy Miller, Leo May, Ricky Grimes, Chris Henton, Ben Hadsell, Reggie Banks, Norm Gibson, Andy Bing

The consolation heat lasted less than eight minutes as a group of six drivers all capitulated inside the space of a minute. Prior to the mass exodus Frostbite winner Ben Hadsell was rampaged by Bambi Rogers before she too was eliminated, and Norm Gibson stalled out immediately.

The big incident of the heat came when Tommy Miller was disqualified when his hit on Leo May was deemed unfair and resulted in the loss of May himself when his car caught fire. Reggie Banks was a target throughout the heat even as he tried to extricate himself from a barrier and his favourite victim Chris Henton was blindsided twice to put him down. Jason Ingle was the final driver who would fail to reach the final.

The three who progress on to the final kept out of each others way for the most part but Andy Bing became focused on Bob Alexander towards the end while Jess Yates put in the finishing hits on both Grimes and Henton.

Race Result
Q. Bob Alexander
Q. Jess Yates
Q. Andy Bing
4. Jason Ingle
5. Chris Henton
6. Leo May
7. Reggie Banks
8. Ricky Grimes
9. Tommy Miller
10. Bambi Rogers
11. Norm Gibson
12. Ben Hadsell

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