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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Controlled Chaos - Frostbite Winter Nationals, Heat 3

Frostbite Winter Nationals - Edmonton, Alberta
Heat 3
Randy Corson, Rob Remaley, Tom Gariepy, Reggie Banks, Ricky Grimes, Ben Hadsell, Sam Harbin, Matt Welliver, Bambi Rogers, Randy Tondreau, Leo May, Chris Henton

The first few minutes of the final heat saw several drivers focus on one target. Sam Harbin hassled Bambi Rogers, and Randy Tondreau was targeted by Tom Gariepy but this backfired on the American as he was the first driver out at around the four minute mark. 

It was from this point on that a driver fell out of the race per minute with Rob Remaley finishing off a stalled and stranded Leo May before Sam Harbin was taken out by a barrage of hits Ben Hadsell, Ricky Grimes and Reggie Banks. The remaining nine soon become six as Banks brutalised Grimes before he himself was out of the race, but not before Bambi Rogers fell out in eighth place to give Banks a second chance in the consolation heat. 

Matt Welliver was happy to hit anyone with seven of his rivals feeling the brunt of his strategy but in the end it would be a driver who he had blindsided earlier in the race as Ben Hadsell chased him around for several minutes before finally ending the one-man carnage. The final two consolation places went to Chris Henton who enjoyed a on/off duel with Hadsell, and Randy Tondreau who had an unfortunate habit of missing his intended target on more than one occasion, stalling twice along the way. Tondreau's fellow competitors had no such bad luck though as he was ganged up on towards the end of the race.

The final three were quickly two as Randy Corson stalled for good, but his save from a previous stall much earlier in the race proved to be the difference between finishing tenth and going to the final. The finale had the faithful fans baying for more as Rob Remaley and Ben Hadsell turned their cars towards each other for a car shattering finish where both men were judged to tie for the win. 

Race Result
T1. Rob Remaley
T2. Ben Hadsell
3. Randy Corson
4. Randy Tondreau
5. Chris Henton
6. Matt Welliver
7. Reggie Banks
8. Bambi Rogers
9. Ricky Grimes
10. Sam Harbin
11. Leo May
12. Tom Gariepy 

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