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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Controlled Chaos - Forstbite Winter Nationals, Heat 2

Frostbite Winter Nationals - Edmonton, Alberta
Heat 2
Darryl Lozier, Danny Krol, Jason Ingle, Scott Hutchens, Lynne Higgins, Joe Ramage, Will Murphy, John McCrory, Will Thompson, Ed Smith, John Ruiz, Phillip Ruffin

The second heat had an early victim in Joe Ramage as, after he blindsided Jason Ingle at the start, he was taken down by a group effort consisting of Will Murphy, John Ruiz and a double-shot by Lynne Higgins, the latter of which would be the next to exit due to stalling.

Several minutes passed without any other dismissals and numerous drivers took it upon themselves to partner up with Darryl Lozier blindsided twice by Danny Krol after the Canadian opened the derby with a hit on Krol, and Ed Smith taking a beating from Scott Hutchins and then Will Murphy.

John Ruiz garnered a lot of attention resulting in him finishing tenth just before Phillip Ruffin was ruled out of the race after a final big hit from Smith. Smith just about made his way into the consolation heat by lasting a little longer than John McCrory who was disqualified for his misplaced hit on Darryl Lozier.

Will Murphy and Jason Ingle were keen on repeat custom as they both focused eight hits each on six cars but did as much damage to themselves as eveyone else which resulted in them finishing sixth and fifth.  Lozier and Krol resumed their feud which ended when both cars stalled and only Krol would refire his engine to go on and finish in second place, Lozier ending his race in fourth for a place in the consolation heat.

Scott Hutchins was hit no less than eight times throughout the heat but he was able to avoid a lot of early action, only suffering one hit in the first seven minutes before the pack wised up to his tactical avoidance and putting him down in third place; the final two hits came from heat winner Will Thompson who had suffered two stalls earlier in the race, missed two targets and became stuck in the wall for a brief period. Thompson was hit eight times but managed to keep out of trouble late on, dealing out the violence rather than taking it.

Race Result
1. Will Thompson
2.Danny Krol
3. Scott Hutchins
4. Darryl Lozier
5. Jason Ingle
6. Will Murphy
7. Ed Smith
8. John McCrory
9. Phillip Ruffin
11. Lynne Higgins
12. Joe Ramage

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