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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Controlled Chaos - Frostbite Winter Nationals, Heat 1

Frostbite Winter Nationals - Edmonton, Alberta
Heat 1
Jess Yates, Charlie Clayton, Andy Bing, Jamie Eilers, Norm Gibson, Timmy Barnes, Darell Andresen, Bill Malbrough, Bob Alexander, Billy Edgington, Dick Garrett, Steven Redden

It didn't take long for the first driver to be eliminated as Billy Edgington was hit extremely hard by fellow Brit Darrell Andresen and the heat had to be suspended so Edgington could be removed by stretcher. After that it was Andy Bing and Steven Redden who became the whipping boys with numerous impacts on their cars, but they would last a while longer unlike Dick Garrett who suffered an early stall and was unable to restart.

Norm Gibson and Bill Malbrough became entangled and despite some outside contact from other cars they remained locked together and were removed from the derby by race officials. Five minutes had come and gone before there were just six drivers remaining as Bob Alexander was disqualified for targeting Redden's door and Jess Yates's vehicle was too badly damaged to continue after being hit by five different cars.

Yates would finish seventh and so would move on to the Consolation Heat and he would be joined by Andy Bing, who had a lot of attention from Charlie Clayton, Timmy Barnes - who was then hunted and put down by Jamie Eilers - and Steven Redden who recovered from an early stall before going to war against Jess Yates and ultimately finishing fourth.

The top three spots, and automatic qualifiers for the final, had a real scrap to end the opening heat as they were all hungry for the two points gained for winning a heat. Jamie Eilers was double-teamed by his rivals yet it was Clayton who was the next to stop but not before contributing to Eilers downfall. The race was ultimately decided when Eilers stalled for a third time allowing Darrell Andresen to pick his spot and win the heat.

Race Result
1. Darrell Andresen
2. Jamie Eilers
3. Charlie Clayton
4. Steven Redden
5. Timmy Barnes
6. Andy Bing
7. Jess Yates
8. Bob Alexander
T9. Norm Gibson
T9. Bill Malbrough
11. Dick Garrett
12. Bill Edgington

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  1. Excellent recap of the opening heat!

    Thanks again for playing and sharing your experience.