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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - The Ides of March, Heat 1

The Ides of March - St. Paul, Minnesota
Heat 1
Kenny Rose, Andy Bing, John McCrory, Sam Harbin, John Ruiz, Jess Yates, Charlie Clayton, Norm Gibson, Rob Remaley, Randy Corson, Jamie Eilers, Ed Smith

Randy Corson was the highest ranked driver in the first heat, currently siting sixth in the standings, but he would fail to improve upon his position after an early exit. An unceremonious miss led to a stall which allowed Norm Gibson a free hit. Ed Smith was also quickly removed from the derby after stalling at the start.

There would be a lengthy battle between the remaining cars before Jess Yates also stalled out moments before Andy Bing and John McCrory were eliminated. Bing requiring a check in at the medical station and McCrory losing his private war against Kenny Rose who, after taking out both Bing and McCrory, was taken out himself by Gibson.

The runner-up in Arizona Sam Harbin made eight hits on seven opponents, McCrory the recipient of a double shot, as he searches for a second final appearance of the season. He will have to go through the consolation heat along with Rose, Gibson who survived a stall scare after chasing down Yates, and Charlie Clayton who enjoyed hitting a frequently-stalled Rob Remaley.

Despite a pair of long stalls Remaley makes it four finals in five events eventually succumbing to his misbehaving engine, and the two who join him share a point each as joint winners of the heat; John Ruiz and Jamie Eilers reaching their second final after going at each other for much of the race.

Race Result
1. John Ruiz
1. Jamie Eilers
3. Rob Remaley
4. Charlie Clayton
5. Norm Gibson
6. Sam Harbin
7. Kenny Rose
8. John McCrory
9. Andy Bing
10. Jess Yates
11. Randy Corson
12. Ed Smith

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