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Friday, 28 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - Wisconsin International Consolation Heat

Wisconsin International - Green Bay, WI
Consolation Heat
Randy Tondreau, Andy Bing, Darryl Lozier, Jamie Eilers, Randy Corson, Darrell Andresen, Dick Garrett, Charlie Clayton, Lynne Higgins

It seemed like every minute of the nine car consolation heat that passed saw one driver victimised more than the others. It started with Randy Corson taking four shots before the pack moved on to the Canadians Randy Tondreau and then Darryl Lozier.

It took five minutes for the well prepared roster to lose it's first competitor in Tondreau before the trio of Charlie Clayton, Jamie Eilers, and Corson fell by the wayside; the latter managing to re-fire from a long stall only for Eilers to take them both out.

Lynne Higgins managed to steer clear of the chaos while creating her own by laying seven hits on six different drivers, Darrell Andresen earning two hits as a result of his hit on her being the only successful shot she suffered throughout the derby. Despite her alertness she would finish in fifth place leaving a tense battle between four drivers for just two qualification places in Green Bay.

Lozier had earlier helped Eilers on his way out but also missed his intended targets twice, the second miss proving disastrous with Andresen all over him to finish the job. The British entrant would be the unlucky third-placed driver which meant that Andy Bing and Dick Garrett would move on to the final eight.

Bing (-, 12th, 12th, 7th, -) survived a stalling scare early on in the heat after a back-and-forth with Higgins to move on into his foruth final, and Garrett's path to his second final in as many weeks (6th, Ides of March) saw him go hard after both Canadian drivers and generally following the herd in who to target.

Race Result
Q. Andy Bing
Q. Dick Garrett
3. Darrell Andresen
4. Darryl Lozier
5. Lynne Higgins
6. Randy Corson
7. Jamie Eilers
8. Charlie Clayton
9. Randy Tondreau

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