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Monday, 17 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - Valentine's Day Massacre, Standings

It wasn't too costly missing the final thanks to Will Thompson's start to the season (4th, 1st, 4th, -) keeping him on top, but the gap is reduced with Darryl Lozier (6th) and Will Murphy (4th) moving up into the top three. Ben Hadsell lost out on places as a result of his elimination in the consolation heat and Joe Ramage goes from 0-20 in one derby to round out the top five with Lynne Higgins (5th) and Steven Redden (Tied 2nd) also making positive gains.

Name Pts
Will Thompson 45
Darryl Lozier 37
Will Murphy 35
Ben Hadsell 33
Joe Ramage 20
Randy Corson 18
Lynne Higgins 17
Steven Redden 17
Jamie Eilers 15
Sam Harbin 15
Tom Gariepy 12
Darrell Andresen 10
Scott Hutchens 10
Rob Remaley 9
Bob Alexander 8
Leo May 6
Bobby Gallagher 5
Randy Tondreau 5
Charlie Clayton 4
Andy Bing 4
Jess Yates 3
Don Davis 2
Danny Krol 2
John Ruiz 2
John McCrory 2

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