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Friday, 21 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - The Ides of March Consolation Heat

The Ides of March - St. Paul, Minnesota
Consolation Heat
Matt Welliver, Ricky Grimes, Charlie Clayton, Bob Alexander, Will Murphy, Bambi Rogers, Jason Ingle, Norm Gibson, Sam Harbin, Kenny Rose, Darrell Andresen, Joe Ramage

Three time finalist Matt Welliver was ganged up on by four other competitors to quickly take him out but the remaining cars lasted a few minutes before they started to drop like flies. There were several stalls in the early going with Bob Alexander coming to a halt either side his battle with Will Murphy to put him down in eleventh, and Norm Gibson made contact with Bambi Rogers stalling himself and being counted out in tenth.

Both Gibson and Bambi are still without a final appearance as Rogers also stalled out after a lot of attention from Ricky Grimes who himself has yet to get past this stage of a derby, moving on to focus entirely on Charlie Clayton before he was double-teamed by Kenny Rose and Joe Ramage.

Will Murphy came into the consolation heat as the highest ranked driver, currently third in the standings, but he is unable to make it four finals in a row (-, 4th, 2nd, 4th) as Jason Ingle was unrelenting in his pursuit, striking him three times and narrowly missing twice. Darrell Andresen was also looking for a fourth final appearance (8th, 10th, -, 9th) but a blindside hit from Ramage and a revenge strike by Sam Harbin saw him end up in sixth spot.

After the rabid attention from Gibson, Charlie Clayton found himself stuck and was counted out before Ingle was crunched by Ramage to get a race result. Valentiine's Day Massacre winner Joe Ramage makes it two finals in a row; Sam Harbin, runner-up in Arizona, also makes it to his second final, and Kenny Rose, the replacement driver for Billy Edgington, makes his final debut after stalling at the end but Ingle's exit prevented his count out.

Race Result
Q. Joe Ramage
Q. Sam Harbin
Q. Kenny Rose
4. Jason Ingle
5. Charlie Clayton
6. Darrell Andresen
7. Will Murphy
8. Ricky Grimes
9. Bambi Rogers
10. Norm Gibson
11. Bob Alexander
12. Matt Welliver

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