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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - Valentine's Day Massacre Final

Valentine's Day Massacre - Chicago, Illinois
Bob Alexander, Darrell Andresen, John McCoryr, Andy Bing, Darryl Lozier, Tom Gariepy, Will Murphy, Steve Redden, Don Davis, Joe Ramage, Lynne Higgins, Bobby Gallagher

Alternate driver and heat three winner Don Davis was overeager in his first final as, after taking a blindside hit from Lynne Higgins, he crunched into the driver's side door of Joe Ramage's car, disqualifying himself from the race. John McCrory, appearing in his second straight final, was quick to follow him out without a point, hit by numerous cars before he finished himself off with a blindside shot on Andy Bing.

Bob Alexander departs after a hard shot from Higgins, and Darrell Andresen earns his third top ten finish of the year but has only now reached double figures in points (10). Bobby Gallagher was hanging on by a thread after the first couple of minutes thanks to Bing, Tom Gariepy and Steven Redden converging in on him but he held on long enough to finish eighth, an errant miss ultimately ending his day.

Andy Bing was one of the more popular targets but in his third consecutive final (12, 12, 7) he finally takes home some points, and there will be a fourth winner in as many events as Darryl Lozier finishes in sixth place after a stall, moving him up a spot to second in the standings.

The final five remained that way for another two minutes before Lynne Higgins finally gave in against a very fierce and determined Ramage assault, and Will Murphy failed in his attempts to bring down Steven Redden, but he moves up to third place in the season standings with his third straight top four finish.

The trio who remained had something of a chain going as Tom Gariepy attacked Redden while the latter was all out against Ramage. The derby came to a close when Gariepy and Redden met, crippling both cars in a tie for second place leaving Joe Ramage to win in his debut final.

Race Result
1. Joe Ramage
2. Tom Gariepy
2. Steven Redden
4. Will Murphy
5. Lynne Higgins
6. Darryl Lozier
7. Andy Bing
8. Bobby Gallagher
9. Darell Andresen
10. Bob Alexander
11. John McCrory
12. Don Davis

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