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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - Wisconsin International Heat 3

Wisconsin International - Green Bay, WI
Heat 3
Darryl Lozier, Rob Remaley, Darrell Andresen, Will Thompson, Tom Gariepy, Leo May, Randy Corson, Jess Yates

The final heat in Green Bay had all eight entrants surviving past the five minute mark but Rob Remaley was struck by a quick series of hits from Gariepy, May and Corson before championship leader Will Thompson succumbed to a vicious assault from both Remaley and Jess Yates.

Yates was next out as, after cleaning up Thompson, he refocused on his early target Randy Corson but was too eager in his final attack leading to his disqualification, and Remaley finally bit the dust; Gariepy, May and Corson all returning to finish the job they had started.

The three consolation heat entrants are Corson, who was badly damaged after eliminating Remaley; Darryl Lozier, who will be hoping to reach the final and take advantage of double points with Thompson out; and Darrell Andresen who ended up losing his fight against Leo May.

Tom Gariepy finished sixth at Frostbite and tied for second at the Valentine's Day Massacre and will now compete in his third final of the year as runner-up of his heat. A strong start against Thompson led to some problems as the race wore on with a short stall that knocked him off his game as Leo May blindsided him and he then missed a retaliatory hit. May (7th Tampa, 10th Ides of March) picks up his third heat victory in six events and will hoping for a big final this time around.

Race Result
1. Leo May
2. Tom Gariepy
3. Darrell Andresen
4. Darryl Lozier
5. Randy  Corson
6. Rob Remaley
7. Jess Yates
8. Will Thompson

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