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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Controlled Chaos - Wisconsin Invitational Heat 2

Wisconsin Invitational - Green Bay, WI
Heat 2
Bob Alexander, Lynne Higgins, Dick Garrett, Bobby Gallagher, Steven Redden, Will Murphy, Danny Krol, Charlie Clayton

Danny Krol did not seem to be well prepared for this derby as he was left alone for the opening few minutes meaning that the hits he put on Steven Redden and Lynne Higgins did him more damage than good. Swiftly following this was another departure when a very popular Bob Alexander, who was eager to chase down Higgins and give her a couple of shots, was put down by a seventh hit.

The remaining pack lasted until the eighth minute of action when Will Murphy, third in the current standings, lost a hard battle with Steven Redden while Bobby Gallagher was also very keen to get at him, and Lynne Higgins was the girl everyone wanted to dance with with Alexander (2), Garrett, Gallagher, Krol and Charlie Clayton all charging in on her. She managed to blindside Gallagher and survive a couple of short stalls before her elimination and her fifth place finish puts her into the consolation heat.

Clayton re-fired a lengthy stall in the early going before hunting down Garrett, the pair finishing fourth and third respectively, leaving Gallagher, who was looking for his second final (8th VDM)  and Redden (6th Frostbite, Tied-2nd VDM) fighting it out for the heat win. They had stayed out of each others' path until this moment and it was Gallagher who managed to get a jump on Redden, who had previously been preoccupied with Clayton. In the end Redden rode his luck a little and came out top dog.

Race Result
1. Steven Redden
2. Bobby Gallagher
3. Dick Garrett
4. Charlie Clayton
5. Lynne Higgins
6. Will Murphy
7. Bob Alexander
8. Danny Krol

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